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Target audience

  1. 1. 12A - UNISEX
  2. 2. Although our trailer will be a 12/12A but anyone aged 12 and above or below accompaniedby an adult can watch, as a group we discussed that we are specifically aiming at just 12year olds. This is because we feel that at the age of 12-14 these children will be more awareand in touch with reality so they know that Hansel & Gretel is just a fairy-tale; not a true storyand our adaptation wouldn’t cause any children to turn away from fairy tales. Though, thosewho are below the age of 12 who decide to watch (like I said, there is no heavy content) butit can disturb children’s ideas.I believe children aged between 12 are still conscious of what stories were told during theirchildhood and so this is why we are aiming at this age. Also because most 12 year olds havejust started secondary school so they think watching a thriller is something cool to do and thisis the twist to our story, we are mixing both worlds together; the fairy-tale happy ending and adarker side to it. If anything, with our film we are persuading and influencing 12 year olds tocontinue interested in fairy tales as they grow up but of course with a different vision andperspective; this is why our genre is thriller.However, even though we are aiming at 12 year olds mainly we will not put a limit or agerange to how old the audience should be to watch it (if they’re 12+) or even younger butaccompanied by an adult. This way it expands our viewers base but at the same time wehave a starting point with the 12A.
  3. 3. • 12 year old girl • 12 year old boy• Just started high school • Just started high school too• Still conscious about fairy • Finds thrillers/horror exciting tales
  4. 4. According to ‘BBFC’ (British Board of Film Classification) a 12’12a film is suitable for anyone of the age of 12 of the age of 12 and above.We chose to classify our film as a 12/12A. This is because at the end of the day ourgenre will always be thriller which, the genre itself implies that some scenes may beunsettling or disturbing for anyone below the age of 12 to watch. Although, childrenbelow the age of 12 can assist our film as long as they’re accompanied by an adult(18+), we decided this based on our work so far and also based on our storyboard, andso far we are aware that our trailer will not contain any heavy content such as;
  5. 5. Ideally I’d like my audience to interpret my trailer as a story that will have moral. I want myaudience to enjoy the film as much as learn as much as possible from it. Personally, I think themost my audience can learn from it (as in moral behaviour) is that family should be above all.This is because those who are familiar with the original story of Hansel and Gretel know thatthe kids are abandoned influenced by the mother. Although it could be a counterargument, that the only reason she done that was because there was not enough money forall four of them (mother, father and Hansel & Gretel) which creates a controversial issue andraises the question: ‘Put myself above my kids?’ On the other hand, the counter argumentwould be ‘What if the mother done this because she believed fate would give them morethan she possibly could…A more obvious meaning of my trailer to my audience, is that it’s a well known fairy-tale thatmy audience probably know the storyline by heart, whether because of their mothers tellingthem or even older audience who choose to watch it, telling their kids. Either way, I believethey would be keen to see another side/perspective to the story because it’s not what theyknow already. Even though, as a group we are trying to keep loyal to the original as much aspossible there will be obvious and oblivious twists to it. For example: The few props wedecided to use but yet make them drastic and noticeable.
  6. 6. According to the results of my questionnaire, my target audience expect to see death inthrillers and even expect to get scared whilst watching thrillers. I believe we can achieve myaudience’s expectations because we will have the whole sense of mystery and evil presentthroughout our thriller. We plan to emphasize and highlight the witches role so it’s clear fromthe beginning that this is loyal to the original story yet different in a different perspective.Our audience can expect suspense, as according to our storyboard our trailer will start with acheerful voiceover saying ‘’ Once upon a time.. ‘’ as you do in ordinary happy fairytalesand then it will rapidly be clear that it’s no longer a happy fairytale, perhaps the unknownstory of Hansel and Gretel like never seen before.
  7. 7. The biggest way the audience will see this trailer was put together to appeal to the audience is the idea that it is a fairytale after all but also, with a twist to the genre which suits the genre as it’s no longer the happy fairytale ending. This is important because at this age, presumably the audience has moved on from fairy tale but with our trailer they will step back and see it from a different perspective.Although they’ll still know fairy tale stories from their childhood in the back of their hand this is a twist to the story of Hansel & Gretel that they do not expect or ever expected to see. The trailer main purpose is to suit our audience and appeal to them, so everything we’ve put together has been deeply thought of and analysed carefully to make it as successful as possible and overall to suit our audience which is the primary idea.Our audience has a place in our work, as we went out and researched age, interest etc. And it was through this that we have achieved what we have now; the pitch, storyline etc and all in consideration of the audience.
  8. 8. My trailer will give the audience a viewpoint about the world overall. Although in a city(which is where our audience is mainly focused on) no one lives in a forest house andnormally in today’s 21st century the father doesn’t abandon his kids because there’s all sortsof help for family support etc.But, I do believe that our trailer gives the audience a viewpoint about the world in the sensethat, not everyone is as nice as we think they are. For example, being 12 years old, you’re stillnaïve to most life dangers either because you haven’t experienced any or most commonlyyou are over protected by your parents to explore. So our trailer shows that you shouldn’tjudge a book by its cover; I say this because in our storyboard when they see the houseGretel gets happy but, Hansel being older and wiser holds her back cautiously. This alsoshows that us being young or not, we should listen and respect our elders opinion, decisionespecially when we are close to them. We should trust them.
  9. 9. I think that the audience will identify themselves mostly with Gretel, because if the audiencewas in their shoes they too would be happy to see a house in a forest after being abadonnedby their father. Although, some may say that they wouldn’t this is a personal opinion, andeven so we can’t really say as said before, not many people are in this situation in today’ssociety especially in a forest.And for those adults who would watch it freely or accompaign their little ones to watchit, would focus on the mother and father’s role in Hansel and Gretel. I presume most of themwould say that they could never do that to their kids and would rather not eat then lettingtheir kids starve. Also they would say they would never put that the dad of the kids in thatsituation of leaving them. On the other hand, some wuold also say that no matter what theother parent would say to leave the kids etc, they would never leave them just because.So particularly in the parents role, not many would identify themselves instead they wouldperhaps judge and debate over the authority a normal parent has which is 50/50, so whywould the father listen to Hansel & Gretel’s mother? But this is still how my audience willinterpret the characters although they would not agree etc.
  10. 10. The audience will engage in understanding the meaning of our trailer, and perhaps evendisagree or confront the characters decisions. The reaction to the kids will be sympathy andkindness whereas to the parents and witch will be hatred and confusion (to the parents) ashow they were capable of doing such thing.Because it’s a thriller and most people enjoy thrillers, the outcome would be positive as weare following thrillers common codes and conventions as this is what the audience expects.So to the product itself, it would be a good reaction; although not so much to the audience.Towards the kids, I believe the audience will feel sympathy as they were left by theirparents, especially when it was the mum’s idea, and kids tend to be closer to their mothers ata young age, in general. And the audience will be aware how a kids relation ship should bewith their parents and how they should be treated by their parents, and how most parentswould do anything for their kids, this is a common thing to be said amongst parents. The factthat the kids are abandoned in the forest and left by themselves not knowing anything oranyone, not even having anything, yet they have each other and the mother has hope theywill find some place better for them, the audience would react to this as morally incorrect asa place a kid should be is at home with their family no matter how bad the situation is, familyis meant to overcome these things.
  11. 11. Although our target audience is 12A/+, our trailer speaks to many people of different agerange and thought provokes their views, especially parents according to the obvioussituation that happens during the trailer.Personally, I don’t think that the trailer would actually speak to the target audience as theyare young and once again naïve, and to them is just a thriller based on the fairy-tale ofHansel And Gretel. but to whoever is accompanying them may mean something deeper.Although, it is not aimed at anyone in particular, people individually may interpret differentthings such as, how they treat people around them and how easy it is to loose someone, themeaning of family, relationship with their parents and brother/sisters and so on. Some peoplemay reflect about their real life relation ships and look at the meaning it has to them.
  12. 12. Like it was said on my previous slide, whoever sees it (not just my audience) will start reflectionon their real life relation ships. Maybe they will think differently towards someone, or that thetrailer would help understand someone else’s decision about something that they’ve alwaysdisagreed about, etc.Also, the trailer isn’t mainly focused on influencing people about one thing so each personmay interpret it different and even apply it to real life and in different areas.It supports my idea, on the fact that parents will not understand how the mother could putthe father up to such thing, but then again I could be wrong… Some people may believethat the mother done the best thing with a good intention; that the kids would find a betterplace even though that wasn’t the situation. Some people will argue that it is the intentionthat counts.