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WiPG WePresent Gateway


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Il WiPG WePresent Gateway è uno strumento di presentazione potente che permette a 64 utenti a turno di presentare in modalità wireless direttamente dal loro computer Windows, Mac, Smartphone o Tablet.

Il WePresent può essere collegato a qualsiasi televisore, monitor o proiettore con connessione HDMI o VGA ed è in grado di supportare risoluzioni fino a Full HD.
Supporta anche la modalità touchscreen e lavagne interattive consentendo al presentatore di avere il pieno controllo del proprio dispositivo in modalità wireless.

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WiPG WePresent Gateway

  1. 1. VGA or HDMI output, up to full HD Connect the WePresent-1000 to any HDMI / VGA display or projector and set output resolution up to Full HD! Conference Control Manage up to 64 connected users as moderator and control who is projecting and where. 4-to-1 Projection Use the WePresent software interface (or Conference Control) to choose in which screen-quadrant a projection is started. Wireless Access Point When connected to wired or wireless network the WePresent functions as a wireless access point, allowing internet access. SidePad Use your tablet or smartphone to wirelessly control the projecting PC/Mac. Wifi-Doc Project any Powerpoint, Excel, Word, or PDF file from your tablet or smartphone to the WePresent-1000. BrowserSlides Allow audience to view the speaker’s current slides in their webbrowser and save them for taking notes. Touchscreen and Interactive White Board Speaker and audience can interact on touchscreen or IWB wirelessly! Fast Plug-and-Show USB token Allow a guest to start the WePresent software directly from a USB stick, without installing any software on their computer. The WiPG or WePresent-1000 is a powerful presentation tool that allows a group of up to 64 users, to take turns in wirelessly presenting from their Win/Mac computer, Smartphone or Tablet. The WePresent can be connected to any TV, display or projector with HDMI or VGA connection, and can project up to full HD resolution! It also supports Touchscreens and Interactive White Boards! Allowing the presentor to have full control over the projecting computer on the touchscreen, wirelessly!
  2. 2. Mobile Devices Laptop (Mac/Windows) (Mac/Windows) (Apple/Android) Desktop Computer / Server LAN WiFi HDMI / VGA WiFi (file projection) Projector, Display, Touchscreen or IWB WePresent-1000
  3. 3. Output resolution VGA: SVGA (800x600) XGA (1024x768) WXGA (1280x768 / 1280x800 / 1360x768) WXGA+ (1440x900) UXGA (1600x1200) HDMI: 720p (1280x720) 1080i (1920x1080) 1080p (1920x1080) (FULL HD)
  4. 4. WePresent as part of a network • Connect by LAN-cable or by wireless network setup • Presentation from network computers • Internet during presentations • Security: Standard WEP / WPA / WPA2-PSK • Adjust network settings to your preference
  5. 5. WePresent as a Wireless Access Point Make the WePresent a part of your network (wired or wireless) and the WePresent will take on your password, thus allowing internet access to all users connected with the WePresent. • Go to the Admin page in your webbrowser, select “Network Setup ” • Here you can personalise your network settings, including the Wireless Setup to connect to your wireless network.
  6. 6. Install the software or use Plug-and-Show • Install the software (Win/Mac) from USB-token • Use Plug-and-Show to start basic projection (without any installation) • Create extra Plug-and-Show tokens from any other USB-token
  7. 7. Plug-and-Show USB-token With a Plug-and-Show USB-token it is possible for any guest to start projecting immediately, without installing any software on their computer. The WePresent software is started directly from the USB-token and when it is running, the USB can be passed on to the next guest. An USB-token is easily created in the WePresent software dropdown menu. • Insert any USB data stick • Select “create Plug-and-Show USB-token” from the dropdown menu in the WePresent interface. • Select the USB-drive on which you want to create the Token. • (The USB stick supplied in the package, is also a Plug-and-Show Token)
  8. 8. WePresent start-screen • Up to 64 connected users • All device information • Generate on-screen Login Code • Control startscreen with any USB mouse • Personalise your start screen with logo
  9. 9. Present from up to 64 sources! Wired or wireless, from computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Up to 64 users can simultaneously be connected with the WePresent-1000 and take turns in taking over the screen.
  10. 10. Conference Control • Set a Moderator for control (password protected) • Moderator can control which user is projecting • Moderator can compare users, using 4-to-1 projection (Windows/Mac)
  11. 11. Conference Control The WePresent-1000 will start projecting directly when any connected user starts the client software or file-projecting application. However, with Conference Control a user can be set as moderator (protected by password) and thus can easily control who is projecting. • Simply go to the Admin page in your webbrowser and select “Conference Control”. • The moderator can then set a password for protection.
  12. 12. 4-to-1 Screen Projection • Choose your own quadrant with the software • Let Conference Control moderator compare screens from computers 11 2 3 4 2 3 4
  13. 13. WiFi-Doc (download app: WiFi-Doc) • Project any Powerpoint, Excel, Word, PDF or Jpeg files • Application freely available for Andoid / Apple File Projection WiFi-Doc Application
  14. 14. SidePad (download app: SidePad Receiver) • Use your tablet/smartphone as remote control for a projecting computer • Application freely available for Andoid / Apple Video only Touch Control Video & Audio SidePad Receiver Application
  15. 15. Browser Slides • Audience can view current slides on their own WiFi-device • Audience can save slides for taking notes
  16. 16. Browser Slides This unique feature allows the presentor to share parts of the presentation with the audience through WiFi. The audience can then choose to save the screen capture as a jpg. image. No more hand-outs needed! • Connect any mobile device or laptop through WiFi to the WiPG-1000 • Open your web browser and type the IP address of the WiPG-1000 • View the presenting slides on your device and save the slides as .jpg files
  17. 17. Application or Video mode • By default WePresent will be in Standard (Application) Mode for quickest reaction time • Select Video Mode for smoothest video performance and audio synchronization
  18. 18. Video or Application mode When the WiPG is started up, the device will be in Standard (Application) Mode. In this mode the device is set for quickest interaction time. The WePresent can also be set in Video Mode. In this mode, the device will create a latency buffer between the projecting computer and the video projection, allowing better synchronization of audio and video and a smooth video experience. • Simply select “Standard (Application) Mode” from the dropdown menu in the WePresent interface. • Simply select “Video Mode” from the dropdown menu in the WePresent interface.
  19. 19. Touchscreen and IWB • Interact with the projecting computer on the touchscreen • Install the USB-over-IP driver: - Windows 7 and above - The touchscreen or IWB must give a standard HID signal
  20. 20. TouchScreen / Interactive White Board control... Wirelessly! The WePresent has a special USB-outlet on the back for this revolutionairy feature. With the WiPG connected to a TouchScreen or IWB through USB, you can wirelessly interact with the projecting computer on the TouchScreen! • Connect the USB from the TouchScreen / IWB to the WiPG • Install the device Drivers on your computer (automatically when USB device is recognized) • Click “Enable USB-over-IP bridge” in the WePresent Software Dropdown Menu.
  21. 21. What’s in the package? • WiPG device • USB-stick with: - Software and drivers - Complete user manuals - Plug-and-Show • 2 antennas • QuickStart and Mobile Application Guide • Wallmount