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Josh's presentation


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Josh & Cam's Japanese Technology Powerpoint.

Published in: Sports, Business
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Josh's presentation

  1. 1. Hello, today you will learn about Japanese technology, ranging from cars, bullet trains, robots, cameras, gamingconsoles, and lots more ! Through out the presentation please feel free to ask questions.
  2. 2. In this picture is HONDA 「ほん a display of Japanese car だ」 logos, ほんだ と とよ た と にっさん と すずき。Suzuki Swift Subaru Impreza This is the Honda FC Sport, Hondas latest concept car creation, which is Hydrogen powered. Honda started by one man that originally worked for とよた. This mans name was Soichiro, he then later had the Nissan GTR idea of attaching engines to bikes, to make motorcycles. Honda then became the worlds greatest motorcycle manufacturer, which then they moved on to making trucks, which they made the T-360, and then on to cars.
  3. 3. This is a picture of This is しながわ stationthe しんかんせん in Tokyo, you can catch the Shinkansen traingoing past Mt.Fuji. from here. It costs ¥21 589 which is $280 for a 5day pass. These are the Shinkansen bullet This picture is inside trains, they all have different the Shinkansen Bullet speeds. Ranging from 81mph to Train. 361mph.
  4. 4. This is the ほんだ Asimo, Asimo stands for “Advanced Step inInnovative Mobility.” ほんだ started to created a Humanoid robot in1984, and finally Asimo arrived in October 2000. Asimo is a personalassistant, it can be fully programmed, and can be told what and whento do things. Asimo stands at 4 feet 3 inches. The top speed of Asimois 3.7mph-4.0mph, and is being improved as we speak. EventuallyAsimo will be a human comparison, and will be able to avoid obstaclesand dangers.
  5. 5. This is the とよた iREAL, it was released in2010, and costs £2000, ¥ 247 698. It can reach amaximum speed of 18.6 mph/30kmh. The IREALwas designed in “Toyota City” just east of 名古屋日本. It is a fancy design of a wheelchair, fast andeasy to get around town. Available in differentcolours, and available all around the world. Here is a video of the i-REAL.
  6. 6. All of these products that you see here, or what you may even own have all been developed in Japan, these are some products that we use today, laptops, camer as, gaming consoles earphones and lots more ! そにい PSP GOSONY has made the PS1, PS2 AND PS3 そにい そにい dslr そにい VAIO XPERIA play. camera Laptop’s
  7. 7. The Toshiba Apripoko is a an electronicprogrammer, a bit like the Asimo, but theApripoko will remember commands in yourhome, like “close the blinds” “change thechannel to channel 14” so all you need to dois, program your remotes to Apripoko andname commands and the next time youcome to do anything, all you have to say isthe command you want, and it’ll do it! Andhe’s かわい.
  8. 8. The Optoma Pico is aminiature screenprojector that was createdin Japan, and is about thesize of an iPhone 4, it hasgreat resolution, and isperfect forschools, business’ or athome. Fits in your pocket!It can produce atprojection of 60inches.Sized at 50mm wide by103mm deep and 15mmhigh. And it weighs just4oz.
  9. 9. Taxis in Japan have afew different featuresthan ours here inCanada.Vacant Occupied This Taxi has the electronic doors, that open and close by the control of the taxi driver, as you can see all the seats and headrests are covered. When you get into the taxi you a charged a flat rate fee what’s called a はつのり and its usually ¥710 and it covers you for 2km. And if you are going to be out late at night, you can expect to pay triple the price. (10pm- 5am.) The taxi drivers wear white gloves when driving, and the doors open and close for you, so don’t ever try and close it, as it could trap your fingers. Most taxi drivers don’t/wont speak English, so most foreign people, write down their location, and shove it in the drivers face. Taxis in Japan are very busy at night as buses. Train are closed for the night.
  10. 10. The An9-PR can be used in places like malls andshowrooms. It can displayadvertisements, directions, and more on any of it’sthree touchscreen LCD’s. It also has WiFi and facerecognition capabilities, so it can be used as asecurity guard. An9-PR was developed by ALSOK.
  11. 11. You may now ask questionsthat were not asked duringthe presentation. Thanks for Watching!! Josh Smith & Cameron Davies