Joyce camandang allied health assistant resume


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Joyce camandang allied health assistant resume

  1. 1. JOYCE CAMANDANG 51 EMBANKMENT GROVE CHELSEA 3196 Telephone number:97742089 Mobile number ;0430018157 DOB:May 13,1968 GOAL:To work effectively and apply my knowledge to the best of my ability. OBJECTIVE:To obtain an allied assistant position or Personal Care Assistant which will challenge me and helped the organization continue and become succesfull. WORK EXPERIENCED: Personal care assistant Bupa Aged Care 256-260 Station St.,Edithvale,3196 March 2008 up to present JOB DISCRIPTION: Providing care for the sick and aged patient ,assist in incontinent patient ,and assisting client in personal care and wellbeing under the direction of health professionals. ALLIED HEALTH ASSISTANCE CLINICAL PLACEMENT: St. John of God Rehabilitation Hospital 255-265 Cranbourne Road ,Frankston ,Victoria
  2. 2. JOB DISCRIPTION: Worked with clients under the direction of occupational therapist ,speech pathologist and physiotherapist. As an occupational therapy assistant ,I learned how to assist client into their PADL and DADL..In the hospital care setting ,I help the occupational therapist to deliver exercises treatment and assist the client to their personal activity of daily living like showering and meal preparation.This is to ensure that the client will be safe to do the task when they discharge from the hospital and go home.I also learned to assist the clients and my clinicians during a home visit.I observed the clients during the breakfast group and report back the results to my clinician.I learned how to write appropriately into the clients progress notes and do some clerical job for my clinicians like photocopy ,typing ,making invitations for breakfast group ,gardening group ,hip education group and I am inviting them too to participate in all of these therapies. SPEECH PATHOLOGY ASSISTANT.I was instructed by my clinician to observe the patient with dementia and has difficulty in swallowing. I observed and teach the patient the proper way to swallow the food and drinks .Then I reported back to my clinician all the problems that occur during his meal and the patient’s behaviour .I helped the patient who has a history of CVA. His ability to speak and read was affected and so I help and encourage him to pronounce the words clearly by the use of decebel meter and visual aids .Before the patient will be discharge from the hospital ,I learned to give information about home care program . PHYSIOTHERAPY ASSISTANT: As a physiotherapy assistant I helped my clinician to prepare the equipments for the physiotherapy session.I also looked at the files of the patient listed to participate in the session in relation to their medical history and how I will be able to ambulate them from their room to the physiotherapy gym and treatment rooms and which gait aids is advisable for them to use.I always consider the medical history specially patients who has CVA.I helped the clinician to deliver the exercise treatment and applying hot packs and cold packs to the patient if needed I also report to my clinicians all the outcome of the exercise treatment and how it affects to the patient.I
  3. 3. also learned to run a group exercises under the instruction of the physiotherapist. CLEANING EQUIPMENTS AFTER EACH SESSION: Infection control is very important to the organization,to protect the clients from infection .In all these three areas that I specialized as an allied health assiatant ,Ieaned to apply infection control by cleaning all the equipments after each patient’s used and after the therapy session.In this case,I can helped the organization to give the best quality of care and maintain the good reputation to the clients. MY HOBBIES AND INTEREST: My hobbies are singing ,drawings ,dancing ,making art crafts ,puzzles,and I am interested in doing research work that is related to behaviour of the person. REFFERENCES: VEEMITA KAUL Program Coordinator RMIT UNIVERSITY MELBOURNE VICTORIA Contact Number:(03) 99254662 0434 021 061 KUMAR EBENEZER Occupational Therapist ST. JOHN OF GOD REHABILITATION HOSPITAL 255-265 CRANBOURNE ROAD ,FRANKSTON ,VICTORIA Contact number: JENNY SHURDINGTON Speech Pathologist /contact number:97883396