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新媒體-迷思解構 New Media - Myths Decoded


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新媒體-迷思解構 New Media - Myths Decoded

  1. 1. 新媒體-迷思解構 New Media - Myths Decoded 俞真@基督教新媒體運動
  2. 2. New Media? No!新媒體?不!
  3. 3. Myth: Negative responses迷思:拆台恐懼症
  4. 4. 拆台恐懼症 Negative responses • 牧養與⾒見證的好機會 
 Good opportunity for pastoral care and witness • 負⾯面回應總會有
 Negative posts will appear somewhere ultimately • 在你的平台上出現有好處:可回應
 They had better appear in your space so that you can respond • 有容乃⼤大 
 Let them speak
  5. 5. Decode: New media gives you more opportunities for pastoral care! 解構: 新媒體令你有更多牧養空間!
  6. 6. Myth: No such skills!迷思:我們不懂技術!
  7. 7. 我們不懂技術! No such skills! • 新媒體是為所有⼈人設計的! 
 New Media is designed for everyone! • 他們早已為你解決技術難題!
 They have already done the technical hard work for you! • 技術⼈人員固然有其重要⾓角⾊色,但你 ⽐比任何技術⼈人員更明⽩白機構異象!
 You know better about the vision than any technical experts! • ⽤用者⾓角度才是重中之重
 User angle really matters
  8. 8. Decode: User angle really matters解構:⽤用者⾓角度才是重中之重
  9. 9. Myth: Face-to-face preferred!迷思:⾯面對⾯面交流更好!
  10. 10. ⾯面對⾯面交流更好! Face-to-face preferred! • 誰說不是? 
 Who says no? • 但誰說新媒體是要代替⾯面對⾯面交 流?
 But who says new media is here to replace face-to-face contact? • 鞏固、深化及延伸
 Solidifies, Deepens and Extends!
  11. 11. Decode: Solidify, Deepen, Extend解構:鞏固、深化、延伸
  12. 12. New Media? Like!新媒體?讚好!
  13. 13. Myth: They all have it!迷思:年晚煎堆現象
  14. 14. 年晚煎堆現象 They all have it • 適合⼈人家的,不⼀一定適合你
 Suitability really depends • 爭取注視 
 Highly competitive in attention seeking • 分享甚麼、如何分享變得⾮非常重要
 What to share and how to share are critical
  15. 15. Decode: Focus, curation, touch.解構:對焦、策展、觸動
  16. 16. Myth: Replace websites迷思:⽤用新媒體取代傳統網站
  17. 17. ⽤用新媒體取代傳統網站
 Replace websites • 作為根基,有⽋欠穏妥
 Too risky to be used as foundation • 搜尋問題 
 Search problems • 資訊再⽤用
 Information reuse • ⽤用者主導的瀏覽模式
 User-oriented navigation
  18. 18. Decode: Establishing long-term and stable platform for communication 解構:建構⻑⾧長遠穩固的交流平台
  19. 19. Myth: New Media = Multimedia迷思:新媒體=多媒體
  20. 20. 新媒體=多媒體 New Media = Multimedia • 多媒體可幫助達致多元溝通
 Multimedia can facilitate communication in multiple perspectives • 情感的連繫才是真正的焦點
 Emotional connection is the focus • 可信任的連繫才是真正的關鍵
 Trusted connection is the key • 例⼦子:詩篇7:15
 Example: Psalms 7:15

  21. 21. Decode: Striking a balance suitably really matters 解構:要因時制宜,取得平衡
  22. 22. Points to note臨別贈⾔言
  23. 23. 臨別贈⾔言 Points to note • 連繫社群:新媒體的意義不在推廣, ⽽而在連繫
 Community Connection: New media is not about promotion, it is about connection • ⼩小⼼心孤島:新媒體應與異象及事⼯工 整合
 Beware of standalone island: New media should be integrated with vision and ministry • 整全考慮:⼼心態、策略、⽅方法同樣 重要
 Integrated approach: Mindset, strategy and methodology are equally important
  24. 24. 如果在耶穌降⽣生的時代已有新媒體 If New Media exist when Jesus was born
  25. 25. http://netfish.cc基督教新媒體運動 善⽤用新平台・堅⽴立信望愛
  26. 26. Further Reading延伸閱讀
  27. 27. 延伸閱讀 Further Reading • 基督教新媒體運動 • 漁翁撒網@真証傳播
 (基督教新媒體專欄) • 基督教新媒體研討