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匠心 Ingenuity (2012.07.11@CCMHK香港中信)


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New Media Workshop@CCMHK


Published in: Education, Technology
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匠心 Ingenuity (2012.07.11@CCMHK香港中信)

  1. 1. 匠心Ingenuity俞真@ 漁翁撒網.基督教新媒體運動Calvin Yu @ “NetFish” Christian New Media Movement2012.07.11
  2. 2. 留神 Attention
  3. 3. 留神Attention• 留白令人留神 Attention captured by blank • 「廣告人告白」的故事 A story about James Wong• 注意力管理技巧 Attention Management Skills• 留神與否,存乎一心 Pay attention or not: It’s up to you
  4. 4. 例子:BibleSummary@Twitter Example: BibleSummary@Twitter
  5. 5. 提醒一在選擇分享甚麼資訊和如何分享方面要多花心思,格外留神,才可以讓讀者留神這些資訊!Tip #1We have to pay special attentionin selecting what to share andhow to share, in order to makethe readers pay attention!
  6. 6. 印象 Impression
  7. 7. 印象Impression• 一畫勝千言 A picture is worth a thousand words• John Medina的著作《大腦當家》 John Medina’s “Brain Rules” • 圖優效應 Picture Superiority Effect• 情感連繫 Emotional Connection
  8. 8. 例子:OneSlide@漁翁撒網 Example: OneSlide@NetFish
  9. 9. 例子:OneSlide@漁翁撒網 Example: OneSlide@NetFish
  10. 10. 例子:OneSlide@漁翁撒網 Example: OneSlide@NetFish
  11. 11. 例子:OneSlide@漁翁撒網 Example: OneSlide@NetFish
  12. 12. 例子:OneSlide@漁翁撒網 Example: OneSlide@NetFish
  13. 13. 提醒二運用圖像絕不是要取代進深的閱讀和了解。但在資訊充斥的時代,我們要思考吸引服事對象注意力的切入點,令他們對具有生命價值的訊息留下深刻印象!Tip #2Using pictures is not intended toreplace reading. But in the era ofinformation overload, we have tothink how to attract attention,trigger interest, and emotionallyconnect readers towards gospelmessages!
  14. 14. 從簡 Simplicity
  15. 15. 從簡Simplicity• “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ~ Da Vinci• 資訊發放與讀者觀感 Information dissemination vs. Readers’ perception• 以圖傳意,以字入題 Synergy of pictures and text• 人心憂慮,屈而不伸;一句良言, 使心歡樂。(箴言12:25) An anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up. (Proverbs 12:25)
  16. 16. 提醒三不可忽略讀者觀感。如能貫徹「一切從簡」的原則,「以圖傳意,以字入題」,定能在資訊汪洋中脫穎而出,取得與眾不同的效果!Tip #3Never ignore readers’perceptions. Follow the rules ofsimplicity consistently and createappropriate synergies of picturesand text, your information willsurely stand out!
  17. 17. 身教 Example
  18. 18. 身教Example• 謝公教兒 Educate readers by examples• 推動異象,由我做起 Sharing starts with you• 與讀者的關聯 Relevance to the readers• 「我給你們作了榜樣,叫你們照著 我向你們所做的去做。」(約翰福 音13:15) I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you. (John 13:15)
  19. 19. 提醒四以身作則,由我做起只是第一步,要令對方感受到與自身的關聯性才是關鍵!Tip #4Education by examples is the firststep. Let your targets feel therelevance is critical!
  20. 20. 連繫 Link
  21. 21. 連繫Link• 適合連結的重要性 Importance of appropriate links• 多媒體資料的整合 Integration of multimedia• 日益廣闊的讀者層面 Ever-growing segments of readers
  22. 22. 例子:中信603期 Example: CCM Issue No.603
  23. 23. 提醒五不要小看一個簡單連結的作用。有不少時候,只要小改變就可以帶來大改善!Tip #5Don’t underestimate the power ofa simple link. Under manycircumstances, small change canbring huge improvement!
  24. 24. 細節 Details
  25. 25. 細節Details• 喬布斯的故事 The story of Steve Jobs• 貫徹始終 Consistency and Persistency• 用戶體驗的重要性 Importance of User Experience • 例子:錯別字的代價/聖經經文 章節/自動分享的連結 Examples: Cost of typos / Bible verses / Auto-Share
  26. 26. 提醒六在新媒體帶來的機遇中,如果缺乏對執行細節的專注,不但會令長期努力付諸流水,甚至會影響讀者的信任!Tip #6The lack of attention to detailswill not only undermine ourefforts but also affect the trust ofreaders!
  27. 27. 匠心 Ingenuity
  28. 28. 匠心Ingenuity• 實際執行:親身參與、累積經驗 Execution: Participate and Experience• 策略制訂:從核心定位起步,並了 解讀者習慣的轉變 Strategy: Start with core positioning and understand the changes in readers‘ habits• 團隊組成:要按自身條件,考慮團 隊的建立與配搭 Team-building: Consider the team formation taking into account the resources and constraints of your organisation
  29. 29. 提醒七同樣的內容/資源/團隊,不同的取捨剪裁,會產生不一樣的效果!Tip #7Different implementation willmake a huge difference for thesame content / resources / team!
  31. 31. Solidify, Deepen, Extend閱讀體驗的鞏固、深化、延伸 Reading Experience
  32. 32. 你點睇? What do you think?
  33. 33. 延伸閱讀 Extended Reading
  34. 34. 延伸閱讀Extended Reading• 「漁翁撒網@真証傳播」文章 ( • 〈留神〉 • 〈印象〉 • 〈從簡〉 • 〈身教〉 • 〈連繫〉 • 〈細節〉 • 〈匠心〉
  35. 35. 凡我所行的,都是為福音的緣故,為要與人同得這福音的好處。~哥林多前書9:23
  36. 36. 「漁翁撒網」基督教新媒體運動 善用新平台.堅立信望愛
  37. 37. 答客問 Q&A