Co-Existence 書藝共生(2011.07.25)


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“Reinventing Books in Generation I” Seminar (Co-organized by GAAHK & HKPPS)
「書藝重生@Gener​ation I」研討會

The Seminar can be viewed in YouTube

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Co-Existence 書藝共生(2011.07.25)

  1. 1. 書藝共生Co-existence俞真(Calvin Yu)@「書藝重生@Generation I」研討會@ “Reinventing Books in Generation I” Seminar2011.07.25
  2. 2. 一次改變心態的游泳 A Mind-Shifting Swim
  3. 3. North Pole Swim vs.極地與高峰 Everest Swim
  4. 4. 心態Mindset• 「一些事以前運作得很好,並不代表 將來也能同樣發揮作用。現在我在做 任何事之前,都會問自己到底需要怎 樣的心態,才可妥善處理這件事。」• “Just because something has worked in the past so well, doesnt mean its going to work in the future. And similarly, now, before I do anything, I ask myself what type of mindset do I require to successfully complete a task.”
  5. 5. 心態Mindset• 「第二樣我學懂的事情是徹底而有策 略的轉變。」• “And then the second lesson, the radical, tactical shift.”
  6. 6. Publishing industry出版印刷行業不再一樣 is no longer the same
  7. 7. 出版印刷行業面對的挑戰 Publishing Industry’s Challenges
  8. 8. The Need for Reading閱讀的需要不變 Remains Unchanged
  9. 9. 閱讀方式不再一樣 The Way We Read Changes
  10. 10. 太多新可能性 Too many new possibilities
  11. 11. 太多新可能性Too many possibilities• 社交媒體及流動平台的衝擊 Strike of social media & mobile platforms• 閱讀經驗的改變 Changing reading experience• 閱讀期望(內容、時間、形式等)的 改變 Changing reading expectation (content, timing, format, etc.)• 書本數碼化 vs. 數碼出版 Digitized Book vs. Digital Publishing
  12. 12. 導賞式電腦應用 Curated Computing
  13. 13. 導賞式電腦應用Curated Computing• 後個人電腦時代 Post-PC Era • 用戶為本+無需個人電腦 User Centric + PC-Free• 少一些選擇,多一些關聯 Less Choices, More Relevance • 水平更高,門檻更低 Raise the bar with lower barriers
  14. 14. 導賞式電腦應用Curated Computing• 收窄因技術水平產生的數碼鴻溝 Narrow technical digital divide • 電子資訊的新用戶 New users of digital information
  15. 15. 期望 Expectation
  16. 16. 期望Expectation• 可使用 Available and Approachable• 可搜尋 Searchable• 可自訂 Customizable • 讀者產生內容 Reader-generated content• 可分享 Shareable
  17. 17. 期望Expectation• 適切的資訊 Right Information• 適合的平台 Right Platform• 需要的時間 Right Time• 合用的形式 Right Form
  18. 18. The Time Constraint時間限制不變 Remains Unchanged
  19. 19. The Way We Spend Time時間運用不再一樣 Changes
  20. 20. 有太多要閱讀的資訊 Too much to read
  21. 21. 太多要閱讀的資訊Too much to read• 通訊 Communication • 電郵,短訊,即時訊息,信件, 等等 Email, SMS, Instant Messages, Letters, etc.• 資訊 Information • 新聞,廣告,生活資訊,等等 News, Advertisement, Lifestyle Information, etc.
  22. 22. 有太多媒體可供選擇 Too many media choices
  23. 23. 太多媒體Too many media• 傳統媒體 Traditional media • 報紙、雜誌、書、電視、電影、 電台等等 Press, Magazine, Book, TV, Movie, Radio etc.• 新媒體 New media • 網頁,博客,Facebook,Twitter, Podcast, YouTube, 等等 Web, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Podcast, YouTube etc.
  24. 24. 太多媒體Too many media• 資訊超載 Information overload• 噪音充斥 Too much noise• 相對閱讀書本時間減少 Less time for reading• 即食文化 Bite-sized content consumption• 讀者期望有所轉變 Changing expectation of readers
  25. 25. 興趣的觸發點 Triggering Point
  26. 26. 社群新經濟時代 Socialnomics
  27. 27. 興趣的觸發點Triggering Point• 2009.08出版 / 2010.11更新 Published in 2009.08 / Revised in 2010.11• 推廣影片(2009、2010、2011) Promo Videos (2009, 2010, 2011)• 總觀看人次超過560萬 Over 5.6 million views• 在所有主要書店及電子平台有售 Available in all major bookstores & eReaders
  28. 28. The Desire to Share分享的冀望不變 Remains Unchanged
  29. 29. The Way We Share分享方式不再一樣 Changes
  30. 30. 人人皆可發表 We All Publish
  31. 31. Sharing through trusted透過可信任連繫分享日益重要 connection matters
  32. 32. 分享Share• 運用新分享模式接觸潛在讀者 Embrace new sharing mode to reach potential readers• 眾口相傳遠勝硬銷廣告 Word of Mouth really matters• 賦權讓讀者成為代理人 Empower readers to become agents
  33. 33. 核心價值 Core Values
  34. 34. 核心價值Core Values• 一些例子 Some examples • 戲院:DVD/Blu-ray的挑戰 Cinmea: DVD/Blu-ray challenges • 郵局:電郵的挑戰 Post Office: Email challenges
  35. 35. 核心價值Core Values• 出版的核心價值:內容 Core Values of Publishing: Content• 印刷的核心價值 Core Values of Printing • 質感 Texture • 美感 Aesthetic • 情感 Emotion
  36. 36. 何去何從? Way Out?
  37. 37. 何去何從Way Out• 內容的協同效應 Content synergy• 內容表現形式多樣化 Diversified mode of content delivery• 優化出版流程 Streamlining of publishing workflow• 互相補足,服務不同需要 Complement and Differentiation
  38. 38. 何去何從Way Out• 善用社交媒體及流動平台,為數碼出 版及傳統出版開創新局面 Embrace Social Media and Mobile Platforms to make a difference for both digital publishing and traditional publishing • 興趣觸發點的轉變:跨媒體推廣 Changing triggering point: Cross-Media Marketing • 體驗、傳頌與分享的威力 The Power of Experience, Word of Mouth and Share
  39. 39. 何去何從Way Out• 要內容與用戶經驗並重 Emphasis on both content and user experience • 印刷精品化 Quality printing • 按需印刷 Print on demand • 讀者參與 Reader participation • Amazon / Wiley 經驗 Amazon / Wiley experience
  40. 40. 何去何從Way Out• 產品生命週期 Product life cycle • 剩餘價值 Residual value • 釋放潛在價值 Release hidden value • 以數碼出版及按需印刷作延續 Extend life cycle through digital publishing and print on demand • 長尾 Long Tail
  42. 42. Solidify, Deepen, Extend閱讀體驗的鞏固、深化、延伸 Reading Experience
  43. 43. 你準備好了嗎?Are you ready?