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策展時代 Curation Times(2014.08.06@時代論壇 Christian Times)


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策展時代 Curation Times(2014.08.06@時代論壇 Christian Times)

Published in: Leadership & Management
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策展時代 Curation Times(2014.08.06@時代論壇 Christian Times)

  1. 1. 策展時代 Curation Times 俞真@基督教新媒體運動
  2. 2. A Mind-Shifting Swim⼀一次改變⼼心態的游泳
  3. 3. North Pole Swim vs. Everest Swim極地與⾼高峰
  4. 4. ⼼心態 Mindset • 「⼀一些事以前運作得很好,並不代 表將來也能同樣發揮作⽤用。現在我 在做任何事之前,都會問⾃自⼰己到底 需要怎樣的⼼心態,才可妥善處理這 件事。」 • “Just because something has worked in the past so well, doesn't mean it's going to work in the future. And similarly, now, before I do anything, I ask myself what type of mindset do I require to successfully complete a task.”
  5. 5. 轉變 Shift • 「第⼆二樣我學懂的事情是徹底⽽而有 策略的轉變。」 • “And then the second lesson, the radical, tactical shift.”
  6. 6. Too much information太多資訊
  7. 7. Too many choices太多選擇
  8. 8. 太多選擇 Too many choices • 資訊超載
 Information overload • 噪⾳音充斥
 Too much noise • 閱讀時間相對減少 
 Less time for reading • 即⻝⾷食⽂文化
 Bite-sized content consumption • 期望有所轉變
 Changing expectation
  9. 9. Too many possibilities太多新可能性
  10. 10. 太多新可能性 Too many possibilities • 智能⼿手機、平板電腦的衝擊
 Strike of smartphone and tablet computer • 潛在讀者群的擴展
 Expansion of potential readers • 經驗的改變
 Changing experience • 期望的改變
 Changing expectation
  11. 11. Curation策展 「為⼀一則訊息、⼀一件作品或⼀一個商品,
  就是⼆二⼗十⼀一世紀的策展(curation)。」 ~《策展的時代》
  12. 12. 策展 Curation • 篩選資訊 Filtering and Selection • 賦予脈絡 Contextualisation • 創造情境 Scenario Creation • 提出看法 Views and Opinions • 重組價值 Value Reconstruction • 分享串聯 Share and Link
  13. 13. 策展 Curation • 少⼀一些選擇,多⼀一些關聯
 Less Choices, More Relevance • 少⼀一些噪⾳音,多⼀一些關聯
 Less Noises, More Relevance • ⽔水平更⾼高,⾨門檻更低
 Raise the bar with lower barriers
  14. 14. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. ~ Da Vinci 簡約就是精巧的極致
  15. 15. 簡約就是精巧的極致 If everyone is busy making everything how can anyone perfect anything? we start to confuse convenience with joy, abundance with choice. designing something requires focus the first thing we ask is what do we want people to feel? delight? surprise? love? connection? then we begin to craft around our intention it takes time. there are thousand no’s for every yes. we simplify we perfect we start over until every thing we touch enhances each life it touches. only then do we sign our work. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. ~ Da Vinci
  16. 16. http://ted.comTED Talks
  17. 17. What do you think?你點睇?
  18. 18. User Expectation使⽤用者的期望
  19. 19. 使⽤用者的期望 User Expectation • 可使⽤用
 Available and Approachable • 穩定性
 Stability • 到使⽤用者那裡去
 Be where users are • 親和⼒力
 Usability • 兼容性
  20. 20. 使⽤用者的期望 User Expectation • 可搜尋
 Searchable • 搜尋引擎優化
 Search Engine Optimization • 標籤
 Tagging • 多向度篩選
 Multi-dimensional shortlisting
  21. 21. 使⽤用者的期望 User Expectation • 可⾃自訂
 Customizable • 使⽤用者產⽣生內容
 User-generated content • 使⽤用者參與
 User participation • 使⽤用者設定
 User configuration
  22. 22. 使⽤用者的期望 User Expectation • 可分享
 Shareable • 分享按鈕
 Share Button • 版權:共享創意
 Copyright: Creative Commons • 多形式分享
 Multi-format sharing
  23. 23. Organisation’s Concerns機構的考慮
  24. 24. 機構的考慮
 Organisation’s Concerns • 持續發展
 Sustainable • 靈活結構配合事⼯工改變
 Flexible structure to cater for future changes • 切實可⾏行
 Doable • 簡便易⽤用
 Simple and convenient • “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” - Da Vinci
  25. 25. 機構的考慮
 Organisation’s Concerns • 可⼤大可⼩小
 Scaleable • 能快速地按需要調整規模
 Scale can be adjusted quickly based on needs • 可重複使⽤用
 Reusable • 為將來規劃
 With the future in mind
  26. 26. 機構的考慮
 Organisation’s Concerns • 兼容並蓄
 Compatible • 跨平台兼容
 Cross-platform compatibility • 可攜性
 Portability • 擁抱新媒體
 Embrace New Media • 資源管理
 Resource management
  27. 27. 機構的考慮
 Organisation’s Concerns • 經濟實惠
 Economical • 總體擁有成本
 Total Cost of Ownership • 初期成本 vs. 續⽣生成本
 Initial vs. Recurring Cost • 衡⼯工量值
 Value for investment • 善⽤用資源
 Efficient and effective resource utilisation