定位、策略、實踐 - 再思基督教數碼出版(2012.10.08@文研會)


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定位、策略、實踐 - 再思基督教數碼出版(2012.10.08@基督教華人文字事工研討會)
Positioning, Strategy, Practice - Rethink Christian Digital Publishing (2012.10.08)

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定位、策略、實踐 - 再思基督教數碼出版(2012.10.08@文研會)

  1. 1. 定位、策略、實踐 - 再思基督教數碼出版Positioning, Strategy, Practice - Rethink Christian Digital Publishing俞真@ 漁翁撒網.基督教新媒體運動Calvin Yu @ NetFish Christian New Media Movement2012.10.08
  2. 2. 一次改變心態的游泳 A Mind-Shifting Swim
  3. 3. North Pole Swim vs.極地與高峰 Everest Swim
  4. 4. 心態Mindset• 「一些事以前運作得很好,並不代表 將來也能同樣發揮作用。現在我在做 任何事之前,都會問自己到底需要怎 樣的心態,才可妥善處理這件事。」• “Just because something has worked in the past so well, doesnt mean its going to work in the future. And similarly, now, before I do anything, I ask myself what type of mindset do I require to successfully complete a task.”
  5. 5. 心態Mindset• 「第二樣我學懂的事情是徹底而有策 略的轉變。」• “And then the second lesson, the radical, tactical shift.”
  6. 6. 數碼出版的挑戰 Challenges of Digital Publishing
  7. 7. 數碼出版的挑戰Challenges• 內容發送 Content Delivery • 新的可能性 New Possibilities • 新媒體及流動平台的衝擊 New media & mobile platforms• 溝通模式 Mode of Communication • 互動與參與 Interaction & Participation • 閱讀經驗的改變 Changing reading experience
  8. 8. 數碼出版的挑戰Challenges• 觸發點 Triggering Point• 產品生命週期 Product Life Cycle• 閱讀期望(內容、時間、形式等)的 改變 Changing reading expectation (content, timing, format, etc.)• 價值的迷思 The Myth of Values• 書本數碼化 vs. 數碼出版 Digitized Book vs. Digital Publishing
  9. 9. 數碼出版的挑戰Challenges• 闊度 Breath• 深度 Depth• 速度 Speed• 如何應付挑戰? How to cope with the challenges?• 資訊再用與協同效應? Information reuse and synergies?
  10. 10. Uniqueness of基督教數碼出版的特點 Christian Digital Publishing
  11. 11. 基督教數碼出版的特點Uniquess• 以聖經為基礎 Bible-driven• 內容一般沒有太強的時間性 Most content are not time-limited• 得著祝福的讀者能透過分享,進一步 豐富原作者的內容,令屬靈智慧累積 Blessed readers could share and enrich the original content and thus accumulating spiritual wisdom• 互動與增值 Interaction and value-added
  12. 12. 定位 Positioning
  13. 13. 定位Positioning• 數碼出版取代傳統出版? Digital Publishing will replace Traditional Publishing? • 傳統出版:質感.美感和情感 Traditional Publishing: Texture, Aesthetic and Emotion • 但單一發佈形式已難附合讀者期 望 But single mode of distribution can no longer match readers’ expectation
  14. 14. 定位Positioning• 數碼出版取代傳統出版? Digital Publishing will replace Traditional Publishing? • 數碼出版:流通性、可搜尋、連 結及媒體內容 Digital Publishing: Distribution, Searchability, Links and Media • 數碼出版可為持份者創造新的附 加價值 Digital Publishing could create new values for stakeholders
  15. 15. 定位Positioning• 數碼出版的獨特定位 Unique Positioning of Digital Publishing • 並非零和遊戲 Not Zero-Sum Game • 鞏固、深化、延伸 Solidify, Deepen, Extend • 拓闊讀者層面 Cultivate new reader segments
  16. 16. 定位Positioning• 轉換:把實體材料轉換成數碼格式 Conversion: Convert physical publications into digital format• 轉化:運用數碼媒體特性,為材料增 值 Transformation: Make use of digital media features for adding value• 轉型:突破舊有框框,探索新可能 Innovation: Breakthrough constraints, explore new possibilities
  17. 17. 策略 Strategy
  18. 18. 策略Strategy• 建設基礎,優化流程 Build foundations & Streamline workflows • 從開始就考慮多渠道出版的需要 With multi-channel publishing in mind from the very beginning • 訓練人才,以切合新的出版需要 Train staff to accommodate new publishing needs • 優化運作流程,著重協同效應 Streamline workflow and emphasize on synergies
  19. 19. 策略Strategy• 開拓市場,應對多元 Develop markets and cater for variety of needs • 賦權讓原有讀者社群成為與新讀 者社群間的橋樑 Empower original reader community to become the bridge to new readers • 以靈活策略加強流通,讓讀者找 到合適的材料 Strengthen circulation with flexible strategy to facilitate readers to find the right materials
  20. 20. 策略Strategy• 累積經驗,持續提升 Accumulate experience and be sustainable • 全民皆兵 Everybody counts • 以戰練兵 Participate to train staff • 知識管理:將個人學習提升至機 構學習 Knowledge management: Turn individual learning into organisation learning
  21. 21. 實踐 Practice
  22. 22. 實踐Practice• 成本考慮 Cost Concerns • 讀者是否願意付費,在於內容質量 Readers’ willingness to pay depends on content values • 把數碼出版的投資作為基礎建設 Treat digital publishing investment as investment for infrastructure • 他山之石,可以攻玉 Make best use of available tools to minimize risk and cost
  23. 23. 實踐Practice• 自行開發還是另請外援? Internal development or Outsourcing? • 自行開發:如有現成人才,可以選 擇自行開發,累積經驗,訓練同工 Internal development: If there are right people, do it internally for training purpose • 另請外援:由同工負責策劃和把 關,把技術部分外判 Staff be the planner and gatekeeper, while outsourcing the technical part
  24. 24. 實踐Practice• 以讀者體驗為先 Readers’ experience as top priority • 是否要有看多媒體互動,要看內容 性質而定 Multimedia elements should only be used appropriately • 為讀者提供其他增值功能亦可 Provide readers with other value- added functions also works well • 盗版迷思:賦權與護權的平衡 Myth of content piracy: the balance between empowerment and protection
  25. 25. 協同效應 Synergy
  26. 26. 協同效應Synergy• 內容的協同效應 Content synergy• 內容表現形式多樣化 Diversified mode of content delivery• 優化出版流程 Streamlining of publishing workflow• 互相補足,服務不同需要 Complement and Differentiation
  27. 27. 協同效應Synergy• 善用社交媒體及流動平台,為數碼出 版及傳統出版開創新局面 Embrace Social Media and Mobile Platforms to make a difference for both digital publishing and traditional publishing • 興趣觸發點的轉變:跨媒體推廣 Changing triggering point: Cross-Media Marketing • 體驗、傳頌與分享的威力 The Power of Experience, Word of Mouth and Share
  28. 28. 協同效應Synergy• 要內容與用戶經驗並重 Emphasis on both content and user experience • 印刷精品化 Quality printing • 按需印刷 Print on demand • 讀者參與 Reader participation
  29. 29. 協同效應Synergy• 產品生命週期 Product life cycle • 剩餘價值 Residual value • 釋放潛在價值 Release hidden value • 以數碼出版及按需印刷作延續 Extend life cycle through digital publishing and print on demand • 長尾 Long Tail
  30. 30. Solidify, Deepen, Extend閱讀體驗的鞏固、深化、延伸 Reading Experience
  32. 32. 凡我所行的,都是為福音的緣故,為要與人同得這福音的好處。~哥林多前書9:23
  33. 33. 「漁翁撒網」基督教新媒體運動 善用新平台.堅立信望愛 http://netfish.cc calvinyu@netfish.cc