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挑戰 Challenge (2012.06.02@CCMHK香港中信)


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New Media Workshop (1/3) Part 1 @ CCMHK

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挑戰 Challenge (2012.06.02@CCMHK香港中信)

  1. 1. 挑戰Challenge俞真@ 漁翁撒網.基督教新媒體運動Calvin Yu @ “NetFish” Christian New Media Movement2012.06.02
  2. 2. ⼀一次改變心態的游泳 A Mind-Shifting Swim
  3. 3. North Pole Swim vs.極地與高峰 Everest Swim
  4. 4. 心態Mindset• 「⼀一些事以前運作得很好,並不代表 將來也能同樣發揮作用。現在我在做 任何事之前,都會問自己到底需要怎 樣的心態,才可妥善處理這件事。」• “Just because something has worked in the past so well, doesnt mean its going to work in the future. And similarly, now, before I do anything, I ask myself what type of mindset do I require to successfully complete a task.”
  5. 5. 心態Mindset• 「第二樣我學懂的事情是徹底而有策 略的轉變。」• “And then the second lesson, the radical, tactical shift.”
  6. 6. The Gospel福音不變 Remains Unchanged
  7. 7. The Way We Communicate溝通模式不再⼀一樣 Changes
  8. 8. 社交媒體只是時興玩意? Social Media is a fad?
  9. 9. 還是溝通模式的根本性轉變?Or a fundamental shift in the way we communicate?
  10. 10. The Time Constraint時間限制不變 Remains Unchanged
  11. 11. The Way We Spend Time時間運用不再⼀一樣 Changes
  12. 12. 太多資訊 Too much information
  13. 13. 太多資訊Too much information• 通訊 Communication • 電郵,短訊,即時訊息,信件, 等等 Email, SMS, Instant Messages, Letters, etc.• 資訊 Information • 新聞,廣告,生活資訊,等等 News, Advertisement, Lifestyle Information, etc.
  14. 14. 太多媒體 Too many choices
  15. 15. 太多媒體Too many choices• 傳統媒體 Traditional media • 報紙、雜誌、書、電視、電影、 電台等等 Press, Magazine, Book, TV, Movie, Radio etc.• 新媒體 New media • 網頁,博客,Facebook,Twitter, Podcast, 等等 Web, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Podcast, etc.
  16. 16. 太多媒體Too many media• 資訊超載 Information overload• 噪音充斥 Too much noise• 溝通時間相對減少 Less time for communication• 即食文化 Bite-sized content consumption• 期望有所轉變 Changing expectation
  17. 17. 太多新可能性 Too many new possibilities
  18. 18. 太多新可能性Too many possibilities• 平板電腦的衝擊 Strike of tablet computer• 經驗的改變 Changing experience• 期望的改變 Changing expectation
  19. 19. 你點睇? What do you think?