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傳承下一代:燃點.同行.激勵 Enlighten, Accompany, Inspire (2011.10.13)


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講題:「傳承下一代:燃點.同行.激勵 」 Christian Communications Ltd. Spiritual Leadership Seminar Topic: Enlighten, Accompany, Inspire

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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傳承下一代:燃點.同行.激勵 Enlighten, Accompany, Inspire (2011.10.13)

  1. 1.   傳承下一代:燃點.同行.激勵  Enlighten.Accompany.Inspire  俞真@福音證主協會「逆境同行的屬靈領導」研討會  Calvin Yu @ CCL Spiritual Leadership Seminar  2011.10.13
  2. 2. 異象傳承 Pass On The Vision
  3. 3. 異象傳承Pass On The Vision• 誰來接棒? Pass on to whom?• 溝通模式 Mode of communication• 經驗分享 Experience sharing• 參與 Participation• 知識管理 Knowledge management
  4. 4. 漁翁撒網的異象 Vision of
  5. 5. 善用新平台.堅立信望愛 Net for Him
  6. 6. 漁翁撒網的挑戰 Challenges for
  7. 7. 漁翁撒網的挑戰Challenges for NetFish• 充滿誤解、迷思與抗拒的範疇 An area filled with misconceptions and puzzles • 浪費時間 Wasting time • 科技/技術問題 Technology/technical issues • 年青人玩意 For youth only • 對靈命有負面影響 Affect spiritual life adversely
  8. 8. 漁翁撒網的挑戰Challenges for NetFish• 缺乏系統性及建設性討論 Lack of systematic and constructive discussion • 充斥科技與市場推廣角度的討論 Technology and Marketing • 基督徒的福音與牧養角度? Christian’s gospel and pastoral care angle? • 對教會與福音機構的策略意義? Strategic meaning for Churches and gospel organisations?
  9. 9. 漁翁撒網的挑戰Challenges for NetFish• 鉅大需要與有限資源 Huge Needs and Limited Resources • 時間 Time • 平台 Platform • 認知 Awareness • 傳承 Pass on
  10. 10. Google:社交媒體+福音 Google Search Results
  11. 11. Google:社交媒體+教會 Google Search Results
  12. 12. 漁翁撒網的挑戰Challenges for NetFish• 異象傳承策略 Vision: Strategy • 文章:異象思考、記錄與傳播 Articles: Vision - Think, Record & Disseminate • 講座:深入專題剖析 Seminar: In-depth analysis • 專案:以實例驗證理論,以實戰 培訓人材 Project: Use examples to verify theory; Use real case to cultivate human resources
  13. 13. 漁翁撒網的挑戰Challenges for NetFish• 異象傳承配套 Vision: Toolkit • 共享創意 Creative Commons • 可使用、可搜尋、可自訂、可分 享 Available, Searchable, Customisable, Shareable • 跨平台:Facebook, Mobile, SlideShare, YouTube, WordPress Cross-Platform
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  17. 17. HKCRM新媒體交流 Facebook Group
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  22. 22. 證主App @iOS, Android & WordPress
  23. 23. 證主App的挑戰Challenges for CCLApp• 團隊:百分百零經驗 Team: Zero experience• 全是恩典:從啟動到上架只30天 Only Grace: 30 days delivery• 關鍵 Key • 心態調整 Mindset alignment • 資源配對 Resource matching
  24. 24. 燃點 Enlighten
  25. 25. 燃點Enlighten• 異象.方法 Right vision. Right methods• 資訊流通與再用 Information dissemination and reuse• 以實例驗證理論 Use real cases to verify theory• 從大處想,從小處行 Think Big, Act Small• 不可強求 No coersion
  26. 26. 同行 Accompany
  27. 27. 同行Accompany• 從策略到落實的參與 Participation: from strategy to implementation• 保持連繫:生命點滴的累積與交流 Be there: accumulation and exchange of “dots” in life• 對焦基建,賦權參與 Focus on infrastructure, empower for participation• 伙伴心態:三人行,必有我師 Partnership mindset: learn from them
  28. 28. 激勵 Inspire
  29. 29. 激勵Inspire• 緊握異象 Hold the mission tight• 遇難而上,鼓舞士氣 Overcome hurdles to inspire• 共同思考對策 Mutual participation• 彰顯果效 Visualise the impact
  30. 30. 答客問 Q&A