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善用新媒體:鞏固.深化.延伸 Solidify, Deepen, Extend (2011.10.13@CCL)


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講題:「善用新媒體:鞏固.深化.延伸 」

Christian Communications Ltd.
Spiritual Leadership Seminar
Topic: Solidify, Deepen, Extend

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善用新媒體:鞏固.深化.延伸 Solidify, Deepen, Extend (2011.10.13@CCL)

  1. 1. 善用新平台:鞏固.深化.延伸Solidify.Deepen.Extend俞真@福音證主協會「逆境同行的屬靈領導」研討會Calvin Yu @ CCL Spiritual Leadership Seminar2011.10.13
  2. 2. Skills Required for Life Coach:生命師傅絕技:平衡 Balance
  3. 3. 平衡Balance• 關心與督導 Care and Coach• 生命與事奉 Life and Service• 指導與賦權 Coach and Empowerment• 溝通與橋樑 Communication and Bridge
  4. 4. 平衡Balance• 對內與對外 Internal and External• 親近與疏離 Close and Remote• 無限需要與有限資源 Unlimited Needs and Limited Resources
  5. 5. 生命師傅的新挑戰 New Challenges for Life Coach
  6. 6. 生命師傅的新挑戰New Challenges• 溝通模式轉變:範式融合 Changing mode of communication: Paradigm Merge• 期望轉變: 內容、時間、形式等 Changing expectation: content, timing, format, etc.• 角色轉變:從教導到指導 Changing role: From teaching to coaching• 時間限制不變:零和遊戲 Time constraint unchanged: Zero-sum Game
  7. 7. New Opportunities for生命師傅的新機遇 Life Coach
  8. 8. 生命師傅的新機遇New Opportunities• 參與、分享、互動 Participation, Sharing, Interaction• 到我這裡來與到你那裡去 Come to where I am vs. Go to where you are• 連繫生命點滴 Connecting the dots• 賦權 Empowerment
  9. 9. 生命師傅的新機遇New Opportunities• 以一當百 One to Many• 同步溝通與非同步溝通的協同效應 Synergy of Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Communication• 多元化、多向度溝通 Multi-dimensional Communication• 異象傳承:知識管理與經驗分享 Vision: Knowledge Management and Experience Sharing
  10. 10. 逆境同行 Walk Together in Adversity
  11. 11. 逆境同行Walk Together• 適時溝通: 隨時隨地 Timely communication: Any time, anywhere• 對話:平等對話與對等話語權 Dialogue: On equal terms• 身教 Role model • 生命點滴的累積 Accumulation of bits and pieces • 額外的指導平台 Extra platform for coaching
  12. 12. 鞏固.深化.延伸 Solidify, Deepen, Extend
  13. 13. 鞏固.深化.延伸Solidify, Deepen, Extend• 新媒體與新平台:挑戰+機遇 New Media and New Platforms: Challenges + Opportunities• 鞏固關係 Solidify relationship• 深化溝通 Deepen communication• 延伸牧養 Extend caring and coaching
  14. 14. 答客問 Q&A