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  • UPI/Corbis-Bettmann – She “crashed” the race, and race official Jock Semple tries to run her off the course-5 years later they were allowed to compete
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  • L8 womens rights

    1. 1. Hello! Today is 4/12/13• Warm Up: Practice eCart
    2. 2. Notebook Paper Warm Up• What do yousee, notice orobserve inthis image?• What do youthink ishappening inthis image?• When do youthink thisimage wastaken? Why?
    3. 3. Homework & Announcements* Take out your agenda!4/16 & 4/17 – Essay:MLK, Jr or Malcolm X4/18 & 4/19 – eCart
    4. 4. Warm Up: Notebook paper1. What other groups were involved in the CivilRights Movement?2. What is the name of the organization thatworked for women rights and employmentequality?
    5. 5. What we’re going to do todayAgenda– Warm Up– Cornell Notes– Reading Deep DiveBy the end of class, you will be able to explainhow the Civil Rights Movement affected womenand women’s rights.By the end of class, you will be able to explainhow the Civil Rights Movement affected womenand women’s rights.
    6. 6. USII.8aFCPS Draft 2005-Sources cited in notessection of each slideCivil Rights Movement:Civil Rights Movement:Changing Role of WomenChanging Role of Women& Other Minorities& Other Minorities
    7. 7. Women activists were inspired by theWomen activists were inspired by theachievements of the Civil Rights Movement…achievements of the Civil Rights Movement…
    8. 8. ……and took action to gain equality forand took action to gain equality forthemselves, particularly in the workplace.themselves, particularly in the workplace.
    9. 9. Workplace DisadvantagesWorkplace Disadvantages
    10. 10. 1.1. Discrimination inDiscrimination inhiring practiceshiring practicesagainst womenagainst womenI heard they spent all dayarguing whether to letwomen into the boardroom
    11. 11. 2.2. LowerLowerwages forwages forwomen thanwomen thanfor menfor mendoing thedoing thesame job.same job.Why do Iget paidless fordoing thedirtiest job?
    12. 12. Improved ConditionsImproved Conditions
    13. 13. 1.1. NOWNOWNational Organization for WomenNational Organization for Women
    14. 14. • In 1966, BettyFriedan andother feministleaders formedNOW.• She became itsfirst president.• NOW’s goal wasto fight sexdiscrimination.Betty Friedan
    15. 15. 2.2. Federal legislation (Federal legislation (Title IXTitle IX) forced colleges) forced collegesto give women equal athletic opportunities.to give women equal athletic opportunities.
    16. 16. More women in sportsMore women in sportsBrandi ChastainU.S. Soccer Team wonThe World Cup in 1999In 1976, the Warsaw Tigers,Indiana’s first high schoolGirls’ champions
    17. 17. Kathryn Switzer running in the Boston Marathon - 1967What is happening in this picture?
    18. 18. 3.3. The Equal Rights AmendmentThe Equal Rights Amendment
    19. 19. Despite its failure…Despite its failure…
    20. 20. This work placement should be seen as a unique opportunityto access some of the country’s most powerful andinfluential people, and bring them cups of coffee.
    21. 21. ……and a focus onand a focus onequal opportunityequal opportunityemployment…employment…1981 – Sandra Day O’Connor1stwoman appointed to Supreme Court
    22. 22. ……itit created a wider range of options andcreated a wider range of options andadvancement for women in business and publicadvancement for women in business and publicservice.service.By 1993, 48 women were serving in Congress.
    23. 23. The Struggle forThe Struggle forEquality ExpandsEquality Expands
    24. 24. Hispanics and American Indians also joined inHispanics and American Indians also joined inthe fight for civil rightsthe fight for civil rights
    25. 25. 1.1. In 1962,In 1962,Cesar Chavez, aCesar Chavez, aMexican-AmericanMexican-Americanleader…leader…
    26. 26. ……started a union to improve the lives of migrantstarted a union to improve the lives of migrantworkers…workers…
    27. 27. He askedHe askedAmericans not toAmericans not tobuy grapes untilbuy grapes untilthe workers thatthe workers thatpicked them got apicked them got afair deal from thefair deal from theland owners.land owners.
    28. 28. 2.2. NativeNativeAmericanAmerican activistsactivistsalso united to getalso united to getbetterbettertreatment…treatment…
    29. 29. ……In 1968, they founded AIM,In 1968, they founded AIM,the American Indian Movement…the American Indian Movement…
    30. 30. ……which demanded laws to protect Indianwhich demanded laws to protect Indianheritageheritage, land, and their right to self-rule., land, and their right to self-rule.
    31. 31. Women’s Rights Movement:Reading Deep Dive• Use your texts to fill in your notes sheet(spicy, medium & mild options).Cicero: “ERA: Pro and Anti”Textbook: “Women’s Rights” pg. 452-453Cicero: “Title IX”
    32. 32. Women’s Rights Deep Dive• What tools did women use to make changeduring the CRM?• What are three important facts you learnedfrom your reading?• Do you think the women’s right movementwas successful? Why or why not?
    33. 33. How muchHow muchdo youdo youremember?remember?
    34. 34. 1. The Equal Rights Amendmentprohibited discrimination based on:a. ageb. genderc. sized. cultural heritage
    35. 35. 2. Federal legislation designed to ensureequality in athletics for women was aresult of:a. the AAUb. Title IXc. the Profession Women Athletic Associationd. Chapter 11
    36. 36. 3. What was the working dynamicbetween men and women?a. Men and women did the same jobs and werepaid the same.b. The men did not work with the women sothere were few distractions and productivityrose.c. Women were discriminated against in termsof wages and opportunity.d. Equal pay ensured equal wages.
    37. 37. 4. Other groups inspired by theachievements of the Civil RightsMovement were…a. Asian-Americansb. Hispanics and American Indiansc. Irish-Americansd. None