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Using Wordpress as a Content Management System


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WordPress can be used to develop an intuitive, feature rich CMS, capable of integrating with a variety of communication tools, including email, text messaging and mobile devices, in addition to a website. I have used WordPress to help small and mid-sized organizations build their web presence. With every instance, the most critical part of the project is trying to figure out how to control and manage the content.

This was a quick presentation put together for WordCamp Kansas City, where I helped attendees make the connection between their content organization needs and how WordPress processes and presents content.

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Using Wordpress as a Content Management System

  1. 1. WordPress As A CMS How to Prepare, Organize and Optimize the Use of Your Content with WordPress Presented by Calvin Robertson
  2. 2. Hello World! Calvin Robertson • Hybrid (Designer & Developer)... and a touch of Business • Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
 Senior Web Developer / User Experience (UX) • Eve of Creativity (Freelance)
 Brand Strategy & Design Consulting

  3. 3. The Makings of a CMS So, why choose WordPress over other solutions? • Usability: it was easy for content providers to use • Flexibility: custom code development • Strong, Familiar Core: PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript, CSS • Well Documented
  4. 4. Purpose of This Session • Explore the true flexibility hidden inside WordPress - its ability to store and organize your precious content. • See past what WordPress currently does, push the limits of what it can do. • Provide valuable resources and plugins to help organize and optimize content.
  5. 5. Points of Interest Learn patterns to prepare, organize, and optimize your content • Translate content into Custom Post Types • Enhance content with Custom Fields and Taxonomies • Control content with Templates and User Roles 
 * Can be done with or without Plugins - it’s your call!
  6. 6. Translation, Please. When we say... WordPress says... Variety, Different Types of Content Custom Post Type Category, Tag Taxonomy Description, Meta Information Custom Field Look & Feel, Page Layout Template (or Theme) Permissions, Access User Roles
  7. 7. Start Speaking the Language When we say... I want to sell... Variety, Different Types of Content Books Category, Tag Genres (Fiction, Self-Help) Description, Meta Information Release Date, SKU, Price, Coupon Look & Feel, Page Layout Book Shelf-Like Template Permissions, Access Bookkeeper
  8. 8. Still Speaking the Language WordPress Terminology I want to sell... Custom Post Type Books Taxonomy Genres (Fiction, Self-Help) Custom Fields Release Date, SKU, Price, Coupon Template Book Shelf-Like Template User Role Bookkeeper
  9. 9. Still Speaking the Language WordPress Terminology I want to list a... Custom Post Type House Taxonomy Style (Ranch, 2-Story, Split-Entry) Custom Fields Year Built, Fireplace, # of Bedrooms Template Real-estate Listing Template User Role Realtor
  10. 10. Still Speaking the Language WordPress Terminology I want to make... Custom Post Type Company Testimonial Taxonomy Constituents (Employee, Customer) Custom Fields Area of Company, Rating Template Testimony Page User Role User Generated or Moderated
  11. 11. Still Speaking the Language WordPress Terminology I want to sell... Custom Post Type Products Taxonomy Coffee, Tea Custom Fields Price, Image, In Stock Template Menu Template User Role Clerk
  12. 12. The How? Plugins • Easy Custom Types (Custom Post Types, Taxonomies) • Advanced Custom Fields (Custom Fields) • or (Templates/Themes) • User Role Editor (User Roles)
  13. 13. The How? Custom Development • WordPress Codex - Best way to learn what goes on under the hood. • W3CSchools - Oldie, but goodie. Tried and true basics of website development with tutorials on programming languages from AJAX to XML.
  14. 14. Thank You... Questions, Anyone? ! Calvin Robertson ! Web : Linked in : Twitter : @calvinrobertson
 Google Plus : +calvinrobertson