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Plone roadmap


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Published in: Technology
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Plone roadmap

  1. 1. Plone Roadmap Calvin Hendryx-Parker President, Plone Foundation Plone Symposium East 2011
  2. 2. Whats happening now• 4.1 (within 3 weeks-ish)• 4.2 PLIP feature freeze end of June• 4.3 PLIP feature freeze end of December
  3. 3. How we handled the last CVE(Security Exploit) keep calm and carry on
  4. 4. Latest Plone releases havecatered to Plone Developers• In the end the users are really what matters
  5. 5. Moving toTimed Releases every 6 monthssetting reasonable expectations
  6. 6. Releases that are evolutionary vs. revolutionary
  7. 7. We enjoy easy upgrades
  8. 8. Where Plone 4 is going
  9. 9. Engage experts outside of our community• Usability• Priorities• Voice of the Customer
  10. 10. Plone Trunk
  11. 11. Questions?