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Ancient history week 7


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Ancient history week 7

  1. 1. The story of the Trojan Horseoccurred in 1250 BC.
  2. 2. In thesouthern partof Greecelived a groupof peoplecalled theMycenaeans.
  3. 3. They borrowed the ways of the Minoans.
  4. 4. There was a prince namedParis who lived in the cityof Troy, which is acrossthe sea from Greece.
  5. 5. Legend saysthat Paris wasasked to judge abeauty contestbetween 3goddesses. Hechose Aphrodite
  6. 6. As areward, Aphroditepromised Paristhe most beautifulwoman in theworld. Hetraveled to Greeceand met a womannamed Helen.
  7. 7. Supposedly, Paris andHelen fell in love, elopedand moved back to Troy.
  8. 8. The problem with this story, is that Helenwas already the wife of Menelaus, theking in Sparta. He was furious andhumiliated that they captured his wife.He asked his brother to go to war withhim to get his wife back.
  9. 9. They came up with a planof presenting the Trojanswith a magnificent horse.
  10. 10. The Horse was huge andwas delivered right up totheir gates of the city.
  11. 11. The Trojans eventuallyopened the gates androlled the horse inside.
  12. 12. They had a great celebrationaround the horse because theythought that the Greeks hadgiven up.
  13. 13. It was a scam though. After the partywas over, in the middle of the night---dozens of Greek soldiers who hadbeen hiding in the wooden horseclimbed out the trap door.
  14. 14. They opened the gates to thecity and let more soldiers in----they burned down the city ofTroy—conquering it.
  15. 15. Paris was killed in battleand Helen eventually gothis wife back and took herback to Greece.
  16. 16. A man namedHomer, who livedhundred of yearsafter the TrojanWar, wrote thisstory for us. Hisstory was calledThe Illiad.