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Quiterian Customer Analytics


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All your data integrated in just one place, ready for use by business analysts

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Quiterian Customer Analytics

  1. 1. Customer AnalyticsAll your data integrated in just one place
  2. 2. Customer AnalyticsContents1. Data Sources 42. Data Exploration & Visualization 53. Data Enrichment / Data Cleansing 74. Analytics Data Mining 85. Dashboards 116. Mobile 127. Segmentation / Data Selection 138. Campaign Workflow 149. Process Automation 1610. Import / Export 1711. IAA´s Cases A. Churn Analysis 18 B. Cross Selling 19 C. Forecast 20 D. Improve Campaign Efficiency 21 E. Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value (RFM) 22 F. Social Media 23 G. Web Analytics 2512. Engagement Process 26 2
  3. 3. Customer Analytics“Before Quiterian, extracting and analyzing information usedto take a considerable amount of time of our technical experts,and as a consequence we were not providing the appropriateservice.Quiterian gave autonomy and flexibility to our marketers. Nowthey obtain detailed customer knowledge, behavior patternsand movement predictions, quickly and easily.”Francisco MagariteGeneral Director and IT and Corporate Services ResponsibleInversis Bank 3
  4. 4. Customer Analytics1. Data SourcesQuiterian Analytics integrates in a single platform all data from differentsources, and provides instantly a complete view of customers. ERP Adserver CRM Demographics Web Social media eMailing Other data sources 4
  5. 5. Customer Analytics2. Data Exploration & VisualizationDisplays information of the selected object. It is very useful for viewing abreakdown of the data, for selecting records and exporting them to otherapplications like MS Excel. Frequency representation Summarises a field by categories and also shows the percentage of the total value that each category accounts for in this field. Values charted - columns Shows all the values of the field being explored, and the categories and records that each of them contains. Allows to search and select values. Statistics Used when exploring numeric fields. Displays statistical values such as: maximum, median, minimum, mode, sum, among others. 5
  6. 6. Customer Analytics2. Data Exploration & Visualization Data tree Provides a graphic view of the categories that are beign explored. Allows to display data, perform searches and organize information. Data quality Displays information in detail of the selected table, object or segment (records, summary, discreet values, graphics, statistics and numeric frequencies). Representations Provides a graphic view of the categories of the field that are being explored. 6
  7. 7. Customer Analytics3. Data Enrichment & Data CleansingAllows to create new fields, and enriches the original data set so it can bemore handy to the user. Aggregates Allows to group information from a detailed table to its aggregated parent table. Decodes Allows to decode the information in new fields, transform codes into descriptions, group different records into the same category value, normalize decodes. Numeric ranges Allows to create new fields converting a continuously distributed variable into a categorical variable. It creates intervals from a numerical variable. Expressions Allows to generate new fields calculated through functions and operations based on other fields of the database. Quantile ranges Allows to generate new fields converting a continuously distributed variable into a categorical variable. It creates intervals with the same number of records in each interval. Parametric Allows to create a new column consisting of query-based values, and also normalize and remap existing columns. The queries can be formulated with values or fields belonging to any table in the database as long as the tables are properly linked. 7
  8. 8. Customer Analytics4. Analytics & Data MiningQuiterian puts advanced and predictive analytics techniques into practicein a very simple and intuitive way. It helps you obtain instantly high-valuebusiness insights, speed up the strategic decision making, gain self-sufficiency and improve your capability to anticipate. Venn Diagram - Discovering hidden relations Combines two or more segments to find connections, exclusions or vice versa. You can examine the customers who have bought different categories of products and search for cross-selling opportunities. Data Profile - What attributes describes the best Draws a profile with records chosen in the data tree. It is useful for drawing customers’ profiles based on their main features and behaviors, and based on other relevant variables. Forecasting - Time series analysis Allows to adapt easily to any changes, trends and seasonal patterns. Helps to predict the monthly volume of sales or to anticipate to the number of orders over the next months. 8
  9. 9. Customer Analytics4. Analytics & Data Mining Decision Tree - Classify and predict future behavior Algorithm used for classification. The algorithm‘s knowledge grows up as we train it, so it will be able to understand the classification rules, and map out those learned rules to the entire data universe in order to obtain a possible future classification. The final result is a discrete value representing the chosen classification. It can help you find the best products to recommend to your customers or predict abandon. Clustering - Better grouping Better grouping is useful to identify segments and homogeneous groups, for more precise offerings and messaging. Helps to classify your web visitors or prospects according to their attributes. Mapping Allows to represent through a map divided in polygons or areas, the value of a function according to a range of colors. It can show the geographical nature of churners or the areas where specific products are sold the most. 9
  10. 10. Customer Analytics4. Analytics & Data Mining Pivot Table - Correlate values and build reports on the fly Freely cross different fields. The results will be shown in graphics and dynamic tables. It can help you discover the net benefit that each group of orders can generate. Pareto - 80/20 Law This analysis allows you to prove/test Pareto’s theory 80-20 with available data. You can quantify the performance of current’s customers and measure how efficient the business is. Evolution - Dimensional correlations It shows specific categorical variable in different scenarios or according to different values, and the evolution of the variables over time. It helps you examine how the sales of some product families evolve over a period of months. 10
  11. 11. Customer Analytics5. DashboardsQuiterian’s indicators and dynamic dashboards are very usefull forshowing, presenting, publishing and distributing information. Theycan be created from zero with the results given by analysis, data model,organization’s needs, and many other sources. Designing a dashboard from scratch takes just a few minutes. You can have in the same analysis a group of different indicators, in order to obtain instantly key business information: Cylinder Indicator that shows the volume of a cylinder depending on the data that represents. Funnel Displays simplified data in graphic form in several segments. Each one represents a group of data. Speedometer Displays the data in graphic form using a speedometer that moves within a circular range to indicate whether the data is within the defined limits. Equalizer Indicator that uses a colour bar display to show if the data are within established parameters. Color Led Displays data graphically using a bubble that changes colour based on the limit area where the value it represents is to be found. 11
  12. 12. Customer Analytics6. MobileQuiterian Mobile is a web application that runs in computers and mobiledevices. It displays analysis from Quiterian Analytics, both charts andtables. 1. Folder and graphics management You can create a folder, delete it, publish a new analysis, and export into PDF files. Modify each graphic according to the size, values, lables, and legend of your preference. 2. Give Permissions Determine the level of access for each user. Only the Administrators can perform this action. 3. Easy Access from any Mobile Device You will have immediate access to your published analysis just by accesing an URL. With just one click you will be able to easily interact with your graphics. 12
  13. 13. Customer Analytics7. Segmentation & Data SelectionQuiterian Analytics identifies and extracts records graphically -individuallyor in groups-, applies complex conditions, and combines data in tablesthat are not directly linked. Visual segmentations Classify your data base, obtain discreet values, generate new customer groups, combine segments, filter them according to different categories, and a lot more. All with just a drag & drop that will provide you a precise and visual segmentation. Complex segmentation - made easy Build complex and parametric queries using an intuitive and graphic interface. You can perfom advanced segmentations just in seconds with all your customer data. 13
  14. 14. Customer Analytics8. Campaign WorkflowCampaign Workflow is Quiterian Analytics’s module for integratedmanagement of all the stages in a marketing campaign. It provides a 360ºvision of customers/suppliers/staff, in order to analyze responses betterand help you make the right decisions. Campaign creation You can easily create and manage your campaigns, shedule the actions and steps to be taken, grant permissions to the users involved on each stage, define the strategy and the target. Control your records, random sampling, Robinson exclusions, duplicates, marketing codes, and much more. Defining actions for every stage Define fast the workflow of your campaigns, the stages it will have and in which order. On each stage you can establish the users that will have access to your campaign and the actions that they must perform. 14
  15. 15. Customer Analytics8. Campaign Workflow Campaign schedule visualization Get a glance view of the campaign plan in a time line for a better perspective of the actions established. Test before act - Results evaluation Identify instantly the micro-segments with the best responses. Analyze the results in depth and discover hidden patterns and trends. You can use that knowledge to improve the efficieny in future campaigns. 15
  16. 16. Customer Analytics9. Process Automation. iWorkflowQuiterian Analytics gives you the possibility of automating your processesand campaigns, optimize their results, systematize the launching processand make a collaborative environment that will help you increaseeffectiveness, efficiency and reduce costs. Defining Workflow Establish actions and roles. When an action is triggered by an event, date or value, processes are executed. All participants intervene in the process according to plan, and help others move forward to the next stage. Scheduling tasks The tasks planner allows you to bookmark the main actions that must be performed, based on certain events ocurred, and distribute it to the organization according to the security criteria established. 16
  17. 17. Customer Analytics10. Import / ExportThis highly functional module specially designed for bringing intuitionand usability to your business users, helps to load data from Access or textfiles, export it and establish relations between tables for building the datamodel. Import With the “Import module” Access or text files can be uploaded in the analytical database so it can be enriched with external data like geographical or information from a population research. Export The “Export module” creates new tables in the analytical database from the existing ones, focusing on the analysis and/or using them as temporary tables during the analysis. All can be exported to an external CSV text file. 17
  18. 18. Customer Analytics11. Instant Advanced Analytics CasesA) Churn Analysis 1. With Venn diagram is very easy to detect customers that were highly active in the past but not so much (or at all) at the present. 2. The Decision Tree helps you obtain knowledge from a group of churners, and will it to a group of current customers, so that their retention rate can be increased. 3. Once a new classification on the database has been created, it can be used to make a very accurate segmentation of current customers. You can easily analyze the loyalty level of customers and their propension to leave. 18
  19. 19. Customer AnalyticsInstant Advanced Analytics CasesB) Cross Selling 1. By dragging and dropping the customers database, you can see customers who bought only one type of products, customers who bought others categories, and customers who have not bought at all. 2. You can also add a new segments and detect new opportunities. 3. With just one click, you can identify customers that represent a potential selling opportunity and now you can make more a customized campaign for them. 19
  20. 20. Customer AnalyticsInstant Advanced Analytics CasesC) Forecast 1. It´s very simple to calculate the projection of a time series with Quiterian Analytics. You only have to drag the table that contains the historical information. In this case, it´s the sales transactions. 2. Then you can perform a pre-calculation to find out if the available data is going to produce a reliable result or not. 3. The system will calculate based on the number of projections selected and also considering the seasonability of the time series. 20
  21. 21. Customer AnalyticsInstant Advanced Analytics CasesD) Improve Campaign Efficiency 1. One of the most useful tools of Quiterian Analytics is the Decision Tree. It uses a C 4.5 algorithm to learn from a specific group of data (people who buy software, how are they?) and then applies this knowledge to another group (customers who only buy hardware). 2. It applies the output of the calculation to make a much proper segmentation of customers, based on the group that is working on the specific goal established. 21
  22. 22. Customer AnalyticsInstant Advanced Analytics CasesE) Recency, Frecuency, Monetary Value (RFM) 1. Forecast your sales in the next 10 months: Detect that there is going to be a decrease in your sales and therefore you have to react before that happens. 2. Create an RFM Analysis immediately: RFM classification of your active customers (23.38 % of our customers are considered very good customers). 3. Apply a decision tree algorithm to find out the best target out of non active ones. Inferring the RFM Classification to you potential target. 22
  23. 23. Customer AnalyticsInstant Advanced Analytics CasesF) Social Media: Twitter followers 1. Wouldn’t it be nice to compare the number of followers of your accounts to your competitor’s? To do that you just have to click on the pre-defined analysis of Quiterian Analytics to see it done. 2. You can see the followers of all your accounts and also your competitors’, day by day. 3. You can also have a chart to understand this information in an easier way. 23
  24. 24. Customer AnalyticsInstant Advanced Analytics CasesSocial Media: other analysis 1. Most used sources. 2. Sentiment / influence matrix. 3. Most active accounts. Activity by hour and language. 24
  25. 25. Customer AnalyticsInstant Advanced Analytics CasesG) Web Analytics 1. You can easily verify the effectiveness of a marketing campaign with Quiterian Analytics. All you have to do in just one click and you will have a pre-defined analysis that performs this for you. 2. On one side you can see all you customers target, and also the total target of the campaign -in this case is around 39.000- and the ones who have visited. In this case there are more visits from outside the campaign than from in it, so you can conclude that there is a need to improve the segmentation for future campaigns. 3. You can also see the campaign effectiveness by states. 25
  26. 26. Customer Analytics12. Engagement ProcessIf you want to be more competitive, with Quiterian you can get immediatevaluable business insights including key predictions to sell more, beingmore efficient and more agile. 1. Decide the modelA. Quite4me Saas Cloud: Customer Analytics as a Service. Demographics Adserver Social Media Customized filter Web CRM ERP Public Cloud Intra fire-wallsB. On premise Demographics Customized filter Adserver Social Media Public Cloud Web CRM ERP Private Cloud Intra fire-walls 26
  27. 27. Customer AnalyticsEngagement Process 2. Decide the Data Sources Social Media, CRM, ERP, web analytics, and many more. 3. Decide the Users Manage users, establish security levels and organize users in the repository. In an environment integrated with LDAP, this procedure will never disturb objects from the active repository that they are linked to. 4. Decide Security & Privacity Manage the access to objects or contacts in the database, control the privileges on users’ functionalities, manage password’s policies and perform maintenance actions. Ensure a secure access to the information and a total protection of confidential corporate data. 27
  28. 28. Customer AnalyticsEngagement Process 5. Trainning Three sessions of trainning with our experts. 6. Go live Fast and easy. 7. Support Constant support from our experts when ever you need it. 28
  29. 29. US HEADQUARTERS - Quiterian Miami EUROPE HEADQUARTERS - QUITERIAN BARCELONA 2655 LeJeune Road, Suite 810 C/ Frederic Mompou 5, Edif. Euro 3, Planta 3ª Coral gables, FL 33134 E-08960 Sant Just Desvern (Spain) 1-306-442-4890 +34 93 371 44 70