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A truly global SME – how process innovation enabled BAUR to localize into 20 languages

The Austrian SME BAUR Prüf- und Messtechnik GmbH is a worldwide leader in high voltage testing and measurement. BAUR started localization in 2006, localized into 17 languages in 2007 and extends localization to 20 languages in 2008.

The company adopted Kilgray's MemoQ tool, and, working together with the internal development department, established processes that yielded a saving of 68% on localization. The presentation highlights BAUR’s innovative processes, including the use of the centralized term base that enables them to keep perfect consistency across all localized materials, including user interfaces, documents and graphics.

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  • Introduction
  • A Truly Global Sme

    1. 1. A Truly Global SME Carsten Peters
    2. 2. That is why I believe that we should teach our children to disregard all personal considerations in whatever they undertake to do and to adopt a purely objective approach. In other words, a man who builds a house should take secondary importance to the building of the house itself; indeed, the only thing of any importance at all is for the house to be completed, once its foundations have been laid. In Search of Identity Anwar el-Sadat
    3. 3. What BAUR does... Hardware Software Firmware
    4. 4. Process innovation enables you to localize into more than 20 languages
    5. 5. Localization is expensive and time consuming +
    6. 6. You save costs and reduce time to market +
    7. 7. How much is it? € / Source word Languages
    8. 8. How much for technology? 10,000 €
    9. 9. Your costs will increase with each additional language + + + + =
    10. 10. You will reduce costs by redesigning your processes =
    11. 11. Set up the interfaces and focus on the people
    12. 12. Working with freelance translators makes translations transparent Before
    13. 13. Working with freelance translators makes translations transparent Before After
    14. 14. You are in touch with the translator without a language service provider
    15. 15. You talk to the translator on the phone You Translator
    16. 16. The translator asks you comprehension questions ?
    17. 17. The translator pays you a visit
    18. 18. You will gain total control over the data + + TM TB
    19. 19. Terminology is stored in-house on your server
    20. 20. Translation memories are your intellectual property TM
    21. 21. Setting up interfaces to other systems has never been easier TM TB
    22. 22. A centralized term base controls terminology throughout the company Firmware ERP Software
    23. 23. Single sourcing applied to firmware source code and screenshots
    24. 24. A converter tool checks the length of each term and reformats the file
    25. 25. The term base output feeds the programming environment
    26. 26. Adobe InDesign generates the screenshots Adobe InDesign
    27. 27. A term base export is used for localizing the PC software
    28. 28. Software localization tools are of no use because all the texts are hard coded
    29. 29. Texts are exported as a multilingual text file
    30. 30. A converter tool reformats the term base output for the programmer
    31. 31. Part names stored in the ERP system are handled by the term base
    32. 32. A new part is engineered in-house or bought by the purchasing department
    33. 33. The ERP system assigns a unique ID number
    34. 34. The term base imports the part list und provides the translations
    35. 35. Determine rights and liabilities of all people involved
    36. 36. Get the sales people from the local markets into the boat
    37. 37. The translator gets in touch with the proofreader
    38. 38. The proofreader has a deadline
    39. 39. The translator delivers a released translation + =
    40. 40. The translator is the leader in terminology management
    41. 41. The translator creates and changes terms
    42. 42. Sometimes the translator corrects the proofreader  
    43. 43. Terminology is available online
    44. 44. Trust the translator but check and back up the data anyway TM TB
    45. 45. Give her the responsability she deserves
    46. 46. Check the data on a regular basis TM TB
    47. 47. Do not forget to back up the data
    48. 48. Overview of Systems @ BAUR Firmware Software Web CMS Term Base Translation Memory CMS e-Learning ERP
    49. 49. Overview of Systems @ BAUR
    50. 50. That‘s it! Carsten Peters Thank you.