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Calsoft is recognized as an award-winning technology company, specializing in software product development services with niche expertise in storage, virtualization, cloud-computing, embedded, and networking. With highly skilled resources, innovative business models, and reusable Accelerator IPs

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Calsoft success

  1. 1.  Virtualization Storage QA / Testing Networking Management Console Development
  2. 2.  Saved 40% time in setting up a virtualization lab Reduced capital and operating expenses by 30% Secure data on protected VMs Quick integration with vCenter saved 20% time to market Quality testing reasonably bug free software Decreased testing time by 25%
  3. 3.  Tightly integrates with MS- Exchange, SQL, Oracle. Improved application performance by 30%. Reduced Time-to-Market by 60%. 50% performance improvement with more user friendly GUI console. Dynamic load balancing. Automatic path management
  4. 4.  Immediate project kick off Decreased testing time by 25% Accelerated product life cycle Achieved Faster Time to market by 40% Key software features tested to ensure quality Proposed feature enhancements for next release
  5. 5.  User friendly monitoring and administering application Greater Accessibility of to their servers Increased productivity by 48%
  6. 6.  Ability to manage multiple firmware versions of the server. An efficient alternative to current RPC based management. Increased utilization and maintenance . Greater accessibility to data on server . Increased Visibility of Virtual Appliance by 30% . Enabled authorization and access control
  7. 7.  Calsoft is selected among the NASSCOM 100 top IT Innovators. Calsoft is one of the founding members of SNIA. Calsoft is Microsoft Certified Partners.