The uni leaver's guide to starting new


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You've just graduated from university - congratulations! Now what on earth do you do next?

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The uni leaver's guide to starting new

  1. 1. You’ve graduated – congratulations!Now what on earth do you do next? Image courtesy of ralph and jenny on Flickr
  2. 2. IntroductionHello!We hope that you enjoy our package on what to do after leaving Uni andentering the big, bad world.Please remember though, these are just tips put together by a web user andnot a financial or medical professional, and should be taken as such.Enjoy, and best of luck in the working world!
  3. 3. Finding a job!Graduating is one of the mostimportant and exciting things thatanyone can do, but from there it’simportant to make sure you find thatfirst job. While this isn’t always as easyas we’d like to think, with a bit ofperseverance you’ll get there. Even if itmeans travelling further afield thanyou originally planned, securing yourfirst job in the field you studied is thefirst step you should consider after Uni. Image courtesy of joshchandler on Flickr
  4. 4. Finding a flat!You’ve secured a job – awesome!Chances are though, that it might notbe in your home town. You probablyflat-shared at some point during Uni,but doing so in the working world is alot different. Consider how much youwant to spend – can you afford to stayon your own, or should you try to findflatmates? Remember that you’ll haveto include council tax in your Photo courtesy of jon crel on Flickrconsiderations.
  5. 5. Flatmates themselves!If you were flatsharing while at Uni,you probably knew your prospectiveflatmates before you moved in. That’snot always the case after graduation –make sure you get the chance to meetthe people you’re going to be livingwith before moving in anywhere . You’dbe surprised how much of an effect abad flatmate can have on an otherwiseidyllic accommodation! Image courtesy of miguelb on Flickr
  6. 6. Learning to budget!You probably picked up a fair fewmoney saving habits in your Uni days,but if you’re working full-time you’regoing to have more money coming in.However, don’t be silly – live withinyour means or you’ll find yourself introuble. Similarly, remember you’llprobably have to pay off your studentloan. Learn how to budget properly –it’ll serve you well! Image courtesy of Tax Credits via Flickr
  7. 7. The essentials!Let’s face it, Mums and Dads werepretty useful when you were growingup! They took care of some of the basicslike registering us for a doctors surgery,as well as setting us up with othermedical items like health insurance.However, you’ve got to learn to standon your own two feet now. If you don’tknow how to take care of the weeklyshop, paying council tax or filling in taxreturns, you’d better learn! Image courtesy of hospi-table on Flickr
  8. 8. Don’t be too scared.It’s all a bit overwhelming at first, butgetting to grips with the workinglifestyle isn’t as hard as it might seem,and you’ll feel a real sense ofachievement at the end of it.Remember though, everyone’s beenthere, so don’t feel silly asking foradvice from anyone whether that’sfamily, flatmates or work colleagues –if you don’t, then chances are you’llnever learn. Image courtesy of orderlyschism on Flickr