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The essential car kit


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A guide to the absolute essentials you’ll need in your car.

Published in: Automotive, Business
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The essential car kit

  1. 1.  Just passed your driving test? Wondering what essentials you’ll need with you on your travels. Hopefully this guide should answer all your queries!
  2. 2.  The very first thing a new driver should put in their car is a map, or, in today’s technological world, a Sat-Nav. In years gone by, many a driver has embarrassingly taken an hour to reach a destination that’s five minutes away, but there’s not so much of an excuse anymore…
  3. 3.  Although it probably strikes up images of a bad horror film, cars can break down in remote locations. You’ll need a flashlight to make your way around if you do.
  4. 4.  Again, you’ve got to prepare yourself for the worst – you never know when you’re going to blow a tire. You’ll need a spare if you do. These things are unfortunate, but forward planning can make getting around them a lot easier, especially if you know how to change one yourself.
  5. 5.  Assuming that you have enough windscreen wash at all times is a mistake that rookie drivers often make. You always need to keep the levels topped up to make sure you can clean your windscreen properly on the road. It might seem like a pain to check every couple of days, but the windshield replacement cost will be even more annoying!
  6. 6.  Keeping a charge in your phone at all times is a must when you’re driving. If you break down and you’re left with a dead battery, you’ll wish you kept a charger in your glove compartment.
  7. 7.  A very useful tool if your car battery goes down. While you might not ever have to use them, keeping a set in your boot should be considered a must. Learn how to use them here.
  8. 8.  As anyone that’s ever been stuck in the snow will tell you, a shovel is an absolute car essential! Without one, you could be stuck for days at a time.
  9. 9.  A particularly relevant one for new drivers, a camera comes in pretty handy if your car’s ever involved in a scrape. It can document the exact damage done to your car – or someone else’s. Pretty useful if you ever find yourself in court over the incident.
  10. 10.  Finally, there’s the humble blanket. You’ll be thankful of it if you’re ever stranded somewhere overnight!