Six smart products to cut your energy bill


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Six smart products to cut your energy bill

  1. 1. Six Smart Products that will cut your energy bill
  2. 2. Six Smart Products that will cut your energy billIntroductionSpot ThermometerInsulationAppliancesLED Light BulbsThe Pay offProgrammable ThermostatDrought Excluder & Vent CoversResourcesResources
  3. 3. Introduction With energy costs rising, its important that we all go togreater lengths to keep our homes cozy and dry as the coldweather sets in. But help is at hand. There are a few simpleways you can keep the cost of your energy bills down. Photo by Moyan_Brenn on Flickr
  4. 4. Photo by Tambako the Jaquar on Flickr
  5. 5. Spot ThermometerA spot or infrared thermometer can be much cheaper than shelling out for ahome energy audit. The purpose of this clever invention is to find any areasof your home where air is escaping and whether you will require anyadditional insulation.  The device itself is a kind of non-contact thermometer, meaning it has the ability to measure temperature from a distance.  They are sometimes used by fire fighters to check for hot spots, and also by kitchen supply manufacturing companies for research and development purposes.  You can pick one up from any hardware shop like B&Q, and they are easy to use. You just aim the gadget at the wall or ceiling to look for cold patches. Its relatively inexpensive too - you can pick one up for about £20-£30.
  6. 6. InsulationEnsuring your home is properly insulated is the most effective method ofcutting down your energy bill. After detecting any air holes using your spotthermometer, take measures to insulate your home in every way possible.  Try using insulating foam sealant to fill any cracks or holes - it is water resistant and makes the gap instantly airtight.  Alternatively, use insulating foam to keep out draughts and larger spaces which could be letting the cold air in.  You can even buy fibre glass free brands which are made from old recycled cotton and other fabrics, so you don’t need to wear a mask or gloves.
  7. 7. LED Light BulbsFitting LED light bulbs can be pricier to buy than regular incandescent bulbsbut they last much longer without being replaced and only burn 20 per centof the energy used by regular bulbs. Consider having them fitted in your hometo slash electricity bills significantly, especially if you are guilty of leaving thehouse with your lights on. Image by Pow(n,2)
  8. 8. Image by chicagogeek
  9. 9. Programmable ThermostatA programmable thermostat is designed to adjust the temperature of yourhome according to however you programme it to take effect at various timesthroughout the day.  They are sometimes known as setback or clock thermostats and are really easy to install.  These are the perfect little gadgets for anyone who often gets to work in the morning and forgets that they have left the heating on.  You can programme it to come on an hour before you wake up, meaning the house is warm whilst you get ready for work, then it will cool down during the day when youre not in.  There are even some which can be controlled via the use of an iPhone application, so you can change it as you like whilst on the move.
  10. 10. Draught excludersDraught excluders are a cheap as chips way to keep out the draught fromunderneath doors, whether its keeping the heat inside the house, or stoppingthe cold air from getting in.You can buy them from most hardware shops or online. Alternatively, if youare feeling creative, you can make your own.Vent CoversInvest in some magnetic vent covers to stop air from getting in via your airconditioning system.They are really cheap to buy and easy to use - just stick them down over thevent to keep the heat in and stop any draughts from getting in.
  11. 11. Resources: o Green Home Guide o Energy Saving Trust