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ha-etow-brochure-EN screen

  1. 1. We Deliver IN-FLOOR CHAIN CONVEYOR SYSTEMS E'tow® . Egemin Towing System for Product Transport & Sorting Handling Automation Life Sciences Process Automation Infra Automation Consulting & Increase your transport capacity with reliable and high-performing in-floor chain conveyors
  2. 2. E’tow® is an intelligent, robust transport system which fully integrates into the floor. The system is custom-designed according to your specific environment. The system can be used in such places as distribution centres, cross-docking centres, mail or package sorting centres, production environments and assembly plants. E’tow® systems consist of a main loop which can easily be expanded with one or more different side tracks. With E’tow® your goods will be automatically carried to the right destination using carriers connected onto the in-floor chain conveyor. Reliable and high-performing E’tow® represents durable automation using leading edge technology. Thanks to the long-life components, our in-floor chain conveyors will give you carefree use for years to come and help you to increase the efficiency of your organisation. E’tow® is highly suited to the continuous transport of large volumes on the one hand, and for the transport of loads that are difficult to move through the production process on the other. Maintenance and user-friendly Thanks to the durability of its components, the system enjoys a long technical service life. The system is extremely easy to use: operators simply have to connect carriers onto the chain conveyor, or take them off. In addition, a mix of different carriers can be used. E’tow® - A Versatile Transport System The ideal transport solution for high capacities and transport across long distances
  3. 3. Safe E’tow® follows a fixed route with clear markings on the shop-floor. Operators can therefore work in full safety around the system. The constant speed and fixed route creates a safe working environment, especially in comparison with traditional forklift truck traffic. Because the system is fully integrated in the floor, you can make full use of the available floor space. Intelligent tracking and product sorting E’tow® is the ideal sorting installation for goods in your production or logistics environment. Our in-floor chain conveyors can transport and deliver your products to an almost unlimited number of destinations. Your goods will get to the right destination via controlled diverters, which also allow a different route to be chosen. The intelligent software E’tis® controls the entire installation and ensures the carriers can be perfectly controlled and traced. “We chose an in-floor chain conveyor from Egemin because of its operational safety, ease of maintenance, extension possibilities and to avoid lots of forklift trucks moving around.” Cees Kraaijeveld, Director, Hollander Barendrecht Transport of goods to production installations Transport of goods between different levels Transport of difficult-to-move loads We Deliver IN-FLOOR CHAIN CONVEYOR SYSTEMS
  4. 4. Ideal conditions The E’tow® system fits easily into your premises, from new builds to existing buildings. E’tow® offers an efficient, cost-effective solution for a wide range of situations: „„ Repetitive forklift truck transport over long distances „„ High throughput „„ Continuous transport between different zones (e.g. production and storage) „„ Transport of heavy and difficult-to-move loads „„ Transport between different levels „„ Integration in assembly lines. For the most diverse situations The E’tow® system is well suited to continuous transport on a simple loop, but can also take on very complex layouts with various main loops and side tracks. With the help of diverters, carriers are easily brought into and taken out of the main loop. This offers quite a few possibilities: „„ Outfeed: brings the carrier automatically to a destination zone „„ Transfer: takes the carrier over from the main loop to bring it back in at another location „„ Infeed: automatically brings a carrier into the main loop. Efficient Transport and Sorting of Goods The diverter takes carriers out of the main loop and onto a side loopThe diverter takes carriers out of the main loop and onto a side loop The control software sends the carriers to the right destination line
  5. 5. E’tow® is compatible with a wide range of carriers, from universal carriers such as hand pallet trucks or roll containers to custom-made carriers. What is more, different types of carriers can be connected to one single loop. Compatible carriers include: „„ Hand pallet trucks „„ Roll containers „„ Mail containers „„ Flower trolleys / Danish containers „„ Dollies „„ Custom-made carriers. “When we extended the auction site in Rijnsburg, we involved Egemin in our plans at a very early stage. Egemin has specific knowledge of auctions and together with us designed a total concept.” Ivo Van Haasteren, Head of Technical Issues, FloraHolland Rijnsburg Carriers We Deliver IN-FLOOR CHAIN CONVEYOR SYSTEMS
  6. 6. E’tow® systems offer a cost-effective alternative to manual transport and other automatic transport systems in the following logistics environments: „„ Cross-docking centres „„ Auctions (flowers, fruit and vegetables, fish, eggs) „„ Distribution centres „„ Mail sorting centres „„ Package sorting centres „„ Order picking. Diverse Applications in Logistics ...
  7. 7. E’tow® is an ideal transport means in production environments. Here are just some of the ways it can be used: „„ As an assembly platform in assembly and production lines „„ As a link between different production zones for supplying and taking away raw materials „„ As a link between production and storage. ... and Production “The main assets of Egemin’s E'tow® system is the improved efficiency it brings. We don’t have to push our trolleys any more. This generates 20% higher productivity.” Pascal Schlichter, Industrialization Manager, De Dietrich Thermique We Deliver IN-FLOOR CHAIN CONVEYOR SYSTEMS
  8. 8. E’tow® in-floor chain conveyors are made from reliable and durable system components. Thanks to our continuous product development we can constantly create new application possibilities. Chain An endless chain keeps the carriers constantly moving. The system automatically lubricates the chain with environmentally-friendly lubricant. Track The chain runs in a U-shaped channel that is completely anchored into the floor. Drive The chain is driven directly and runs in a loop over a drive and idler wheel. The carrier is smoothly transported over the drive. Pusher dog and tow pin The pusher dog is a special link in the chain that pulls the carrier's tow pin forward. Transfers, diverters and accumulation stops Transfers and diverters send your carriers to the various destinations and are the basic components for complex layouts. Curve The curve contains a special roller chain that guides the chain through the curve. In this way friction and power consumption can be kept to a minimum. This makes the system more energy- efficient. Reliable System Components “Our greatest concern was actually how the chain was going to work in our specific circumstances. We have been really positively surprised. The best points are the continuity of the transport system and the volume of finished parts that we get from the production workshop.” Siegbert Geldner, Production Manager, Paul Craemer Hand pallet truck connected onto the chainDrive Curve Diverter Track and chain
  9. 9. With a product identification system you can manage the flow of goods even better. This ensures a well-controlled and smooth product flow. Barcode recognition and colour identification Special barcode and colour identification plates allow for easy control and recognition of the carriers. On reading the set barcode, the control system will send the carrier to the right destination. Operators can easily pick the right carriers from the system depending on the colour set on the plate. RF identification With RFID identification, each carrier is given an RFID tag. These tags can be read by in-built antennas in the floor. The control system uses the information from this tag to determine the carrier’s destination and route. Fast and Intelligent Product Identification Load scanning RFID tag on carrier Carrier scanning Barcode recognition and colour identification We Deliver IN-FLOOR CHAIN CONVEYOR SYSTEMS
  10. 10. E’tis® (Egemin Tow Information System) is intelligent software to manage your chain system. The software gives you a clear overview of the flow of goods on your installation and also lets you control the flow of information. Your operators can use the software to continuously trace where the carriers and goods are on the chain conveyor and intervene when necessary. Central management With E’tis® your operators can coordinate various actions. „„ Visualisation and request on-line status information „„ Automatically sort and monitor carriers „„ Optimise the flow of goods „„ Change destinations of goods. Tracking & Tracing Thanks to the Tracking & Tracing module you know where your products are on the chain conveyor and which way they have been. Using the carrier data you can very quickly trace products and find out information. Smooth integration with the higher-level systems E’tis® easily interfaces with higher-level administration systems. This means logistics destination requests can be quickly entered into the system. E’tis® is also easy to integrate into an existing IT infrastructure.. Trace Your Product Flows Operators can monitor and use the chain conveyor system with the user-friendly E’tis® software Egemin has more than 40 years of experience in in-floor chain conveyor systems, and is the leading-edge supplier in Europe. We have worked with some of our customers for more than 30 years and have installed, extended and adapted numerous systems. We understand the specific needs of our customers and use this experience to offer even better solutions. We work closely with our customers, suppliers and partners from the consultancy phase through to project realisation and after-sales services. An optimum design Of course you want the best solution for your specific environment. This is why we can perform various different simulations and determine a layout for the most complex production or distribution environments with much greater precision. Working together with you, we will design a layout that makes best use of the available floor space.
  11. 11. E’arl® (Egemin Acquisition & Registration of Load characteristics) is an integrated measurement unit that can be integrated with E’tow® in-floor chain conveyors. The system measures and registers load data such as volume, weight and identification (RFID, barcode) with utmost accuracy. Registration of Load Characteristics “In our industry, the customer tells us the weight of their package. Therefore we wanted to install a system this year that systematically controls the weight. Thanks to Egemin we’ve been able to make our controls even more reliable.” Vania Kroselj, Quality Manager at TAT Express Registration of volume and weight with integrated E'arl® station Precise control of weight and volume The extremely high accuracy of the measurements gives you perfect control to ensure your customers’ weight and volume data are correct. Other benefits include: „„ No stops in production or operational losses thanks to real-time measurements „„ More efficient loading of delivery trucks thanks to accurate volume measurements „„ Optimisation of logistics through data exchanges with the administration system. Professional execution and meticulous planning Once your in-floor chain conveyor system has been designed, a team of project managers and site engineers will install the complete system as designed, including the layout engineering, the development of controls, the system programming and the complete construction on- site. Thanks to the thorough preliminary study, our project team can perform system and capacity tests in a short amount of time. Dedicated life cycle services With its long-life components, you can enjoy your in-floor chain conveyor system for many years. The automatic lubrication of the chain by the drive keeps maintenance down to just a few interventions each year. However, even after completion of a project, you can continue to depend on us for 24 hour support, curative and planned maintenance, spare part catalogues, software support, etc. We Deliver IN-FLOOR CHAIN CONVEYOR SYSTEMS
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