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Social Anxiety Disorder


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Social anxiety is not always obvious. The person laughing the loudest in a crowd of admirers may be suffering from it. So is the person who’s sitting by himself and looking around like he has misgivings about the happiness of the people around him.

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Social Anxiety Disorder

  1. 1.
  2. 2.  Is not always obvious ◦ Social anxiety is not always a loner ◦ The person may have good interaction ◦ He interacts so well that no one would even guess
  3. 3.  Example of sufferer ◦ The person laughing the loudest in a crowd ◦ The person who s sitting alone, misgivings about who’s alone the happiness of other people
  4. 4.  Mild Social Anxiety Moderate Social Anxiety Extreme S i l Anxiety E Social A i
  5. 5.  The anxiety often manifests during his private time ◦ Refuses strangers ◦ Refuses acquaintances Whenever he tries to connect and gets rebuffed, he sees as a rejection
  6. 6.  A person may be suffering from social anxiety when he ◦ Tries too hard to fit in ◦ Tries too hard to look like he’s having fun ◦ Depressed when p p don’t include him in events p people or conversation ◦ Thinks people wouldn’t like him if he were to be himself h lf
  7. 7.  People can sense when someone is being fake The person himself senses he is referred to as creepy He doesnt know what to do to get their approval He tries to make himself adapt
  8. 8.  Can be rooted and caused by a childhood trauma The thought of approaching others make him sick Characteristics: Ch t i ti ◦ Behave uncomfortable in a group ◦ Leave early to avoid interaction
  9. 9.  Belief that the worst thing could happen in a social situation The main cause may be their inability to interact well with others The constant worry about rejection The inability to speak their mind for fear of saying something wrong
  10. 10. HowToCalmAnxiety