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Signs of Anxiety


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Anxiety disorders are the leading underlying causes of absenteeism, job loss, substance abuse and alcoholism in the USA and other countries all over the world. The alarming thing about anxiety disorders is that many of the sufferers don’t realize they have it until it’s too late.

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Signs of Anxiety

  1. 1.
  2. 2.  Anxiety disorders are the leading underlying causes of: ◦ Absenteeism ◦ Job loss ◦ Substance abuse ◦ Alcoholism
  3. 3.  Many of the sufferers don’t realize they have don t it until it’s too late Too late: the disorder may have developed into something worse ◦ Persistent mental illness ◦ Insanity ◦ Depression
  4. 4.  Prevent these from taking over a person’s life person s If you see the signs do something to snap signs, you back Symptoms of anxiety disorders ◦ Ph i l signs Physical i ◦ Emotional signs ◦ Behavioral signs
  5. 5.  Heart palpitations at random moments Dizziness when pressured by work matters Shortness of breath in a crowded place Nausea Lack f L k of appetite i Insomnia Lethargy
  6. 6.  Feeling like you forgot to do something Unrealistic worrying about things you cannot control Extreme fear with no apparent cause Feeling all alone F li ll l The sensation of being out-of-place wherever you may be h b
  7. 7.  Feeling like no one understands you Feeling like you cannot do anything right Inferiority I f i i complex l Trying too hard to ‘act normal’
  8. 8.  Checking or rechecking if you did a task well Sudden belief in superstition Morbid fascination about the future The impulse to check everything inside the house Obsessive-compulsive behavior Preoccupation with phobias h h b
  9. 9.  One of the common characteristics of all types of anxiety disorders Fear is constantly fed by many factors ◦ Imagined or real ◦ Seem to justify it ◦ Can lead to an anxiety attack Some news article may trigger various fears: ◦ Job security ◦ Losing financial stability ◦ Family separation
  10. 10.  Fear could crop up without provocation Seemingly random Many people that suffer from this kind of fear M l h ff f hi ki d f f ◦ Find it difficult to seek help ◦ Th feel like no one can really understand what it’ They f l lik ll d t d h t it’s like
  11. 11.  People under this kind of stress have to open up Share their fears with someone they trust Having a good friend is a blessing
  12. 12. HowToCalmAnxiety