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Public Speaking Anxiety


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Public speaking anxiety is a common occurrence, especially for people already afflicted with social anxiety. Who knows what could happen on that stage.

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Public Speaking Anxiety

  1. 1.
  2. 2.  A common occurrence Especially for people with social anxiety The h Th phenomenon called “ ll d “stage fright” f i h” Is a weakness, but it can be overcome
  3. 3.  Who knows what could happen on stage Your mind might go blank You end up saying inappropriate things
  4. 4.  You may end up mispronouncing words Losing face in front of people Your zipper may open Y i Become the laughing stock
  5. 5.  Those who can speak to a large crowd of people ◦ Still suffer occasionally ◦ Have learned ways to control their nerves
  6. 6.  Even in the performing arts: ◦ Stage fright when asked to say something to an audience ◦ Tend to think the crowd will see the moment you make a mistake ◦ These are irrational fears
  7. 7.  Felt humiliated while standing in front of a crowd The memory has haunted you since then Many public speakers: M bli k ◦ Show promise as beginners ◦ End up traumatized after several bad experiences
  8. 8.  There are speakers who have thrived after blunders Overcoming the phobia of speaking in public Need courage to beat the fear Practice P ti makes perfect k f t Start small
  9. 9.  Can result in physical illness: ◦ Anxiety due to the notion of being laughed at ◦ Ridiculed ◦ Ignored
  10. 10.  Instinct to run from a scary situation If you can’t run or flee, you end up sick It’s common for people to vomit before a speech
  11. 11.  Some people use the method of visualization Works for most public speakers Imagine that they’re talking to chimpanzees I i h h ’ lki hi or a single individual
  12. 12. HowToCalmAnxiety