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Herbs for Anxiety


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Folk medicine is a rich source of possible treatment options for anxiety disorders. Have you ever heard of herbs for anxiety? These are medicinal plants occurring in nature, usually in the wild. These herbs have been subjected to different scientific tests aimed at finding chemicals that can serve as antidepressant alternatives.

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Herbs for Anxiety

  1. 1.
  2. 2.  Folk medicine is a rich source of possible treatment options for anxiety disorders Herbs for anxiety: ◦ Medicinal plants occurring in nature, usually in the nature wild ◦ Have been subjected to find chemicals that can serve as antidepressant alternatives
  3. 3.  Butterbur (Genus Petasites) Piper methysticum or Kava St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum)
  4. 4.  This plant grows in temperate climate Common in the Americas Active ingredients: A i i di ◦ Petasin ◦ I Isopetasin t i ◦ Sesquiterpenes Flickr/herbologybos
  5. 5.  The roots are commonly used as a source of migraine medication ◦ Proven to show anti inflammatory activity anti-inflammatory ◦ Can indeed reduce headaches In a person suffering from anxiety disorders, this herb may reduce the severity of: ◦ Nausea ◦ Queasiness Queas ess ◦ Lightheadedness
  6. 6.  Extraction of the active ingredients can only be done by a qualified chemist Haphazard use could expose the person to substances that can cause cancer ◦ Pyrrolizidine alkaloids ◦ In the rhizomes and stalks of the plant
  7. 7.  A western Pacific plant Commonly used for soothing people suffering from the more extreme effects of panic attacks Valued for its sedative effects and anesthetic value Main characteristic: soothing fragrance Flickr/Vietnam Plants & America plants
  8. 8.  The roots of Kava are taken and used for making decoctions The decoction is given to a person suffering from: ◦ Insomnia ◦ Chills ◦ Other anxiety symptoms
  9. 9.  Widely famous medicinal herb used to cure a variety of diseases The main herbal treatment for anxiety and other mental problems Comparable with strong antidepressants like Zoloft and Fluoxetine Flickr/herbologybos
  10. 10.  Proven to be effective for alleviating symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders Standardized extracts of this herb are being sold over the counter in pharmacies Become the antidepressant drug for kids and adolescents suffering from the after effects of phobias and traumas
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