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Generalized Anxiety Disorder


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This type of anxiety can be all-encompassing, which makes it the most difficult to explain. The person with this disorder may think that it’s in his nature to worry and that nothing can be done about it. In fact, worrying may have become a way of life for the person.

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Generalized Anxiety Disorder

  1. 1.
  2. 2.  Can be all-encompassing The most difficult to explain The person with Generalized Anxiety Disorder: ◦ May think that worrying is his nature ◦ Worrying may have become way of life
  3. 3.  Panicky behavior Pessimism Half-heartedness Half heartedness in any task
  4. 4.  Everything could fall apart any minute Even if I do my best I may still fail best, There’s something wrong with me Th ’ hi ih
  5. 5.  Primary notion: ◦ Something bad is bound to happen Irrational fear lead to many scenarios Usually exist only in the person’s head person s
  6. 6.  The person’s thoughts focus on the bad person s things No use trying to fix things They’re bound to fall apart anyway
  7. 7.  A constant source of worry: ◦ The imminent failure that could come ◦ Even that the person is trying his best
  8. 8.  Interferes with the risk-taking of the individual The person will only do enough to get by Success level is lowered
  9. 9.  Not exploring the persons real potential person s Even success would feel like a failure Typified by the anticipation of disaster
  10. 10.  Someone with Generalized Anxiety Disorder: ◦ Does not fight to get better ◦ Stand back ◦ Makes no effort to improve To compensate: ◦ Becomes defensive ◦ Tries to second guess what could happen
  11. 11.  People with generalized anxiety disorder ◦ Extremely prone to superstition and scams ◦ Tend to react violently if their worry justified Something bad may happen after it has been worried for a long time
  12. 12.  Physical effects include: effects, ◦ Nausea ◦ Muscle twitching ◦ Numbness May lead to worse thoughts
  13. 13. HowToCalmAnxiety