Depression and Anxiety


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Anxiety can be defined as a mood or feeling that occurs seemingly out of nowhere. The absence of a trigger can be alarming, especially since the person cannot detect, and therefore avoid, this type of stimulus. Anxiety can best be defined as the cousin of fear, a normal feeling that comes when a person is confronted with a threatening situation.

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Depression and Anxiety

  1. 1.
  2. 2.  Anxiety is a mood or feeling that occurs seemingly out of nowhere The absence of a trigger can be alarming The person cannot detect and avoid the stimulus ti l
  3. 3.  Anxiety can best be defined as the cousin of fear ◦ Feeling that comes when a person is confronted with a threatening situation ◦ That anxiety could crop up y p p anywhere and anytime
  4. 4.  Pessimism is assumed as one of the main culprits Once a person: ◦ Thinks of the worst case scenario alone ◦ Believes that it could happen readily Then: ◦ The seeds of a dreadful anxiety disorder are sown ◦ The person prepares to cope with the imagined future threat ◦ Becomes more convinced that it is hopeless to avoid it
  5. 5.  Distinguishing factor: ◦ Real fear has something to do with a present danger ◦ Anxiety is more connected with an imagined dangerous situation Common factor: ◦ The person with anxiety disorders and the person with present fear h h may show the same response
  6. 6.  Person facing an immediate threat ◦ Reactions go away Anxiety-ridden individual ◦ Constantly besieged by these feelings ◦ The perceived threat is always there in his mind ◦ Make him lose focus ◦ Keep him from functioning normally ◦ He may show shortness of breath and p p y perspiration
  7. 7.  Anxiety becomes a big problem when depression shows up Depression comes when the anxiety-ridden person loses all hope ◦ He becomes wrapped up in his negative thoughts ◦ His body responds poorly to comforting words or thoughts Intervention becomes a necessity
  8. 8.  A depressed person could hardly function ◦ Especially when it comes to taking care of himself ◦ Or the people around him Depression is the main reason ◦ A co-worker quit his job ◦ Lost his happy family life
  9. 9.  When this disorder takes over the life of a person ◦ He becomes an empty shell ◦ With the negative feelings constantly nagging him Never let anxiety symptoms go undiagnosed
  10. 10.  Many people suffering from depression and anxiety ◦ Snap back to their normal selves ◦ After a certain period Depression could come back The constant worry about various things may trigger a relapse
  11. 11.  Solution should be found quickly before the anxiety grows worse Physical manifestations become evident Many physical symptoms are related with the heart and th respiratory system h t d the i t t
  12. 12. HowToCalmAnxiety