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Anxiety Attack


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Anxiety attack, also known as panic attack, can occur all of a sudden. The general sensation can be related with the instinctive feeling of running away from danger. An unexpected rush of adrenaline sends signals to the brain, which in turn activates that flight instinct. Like when you’re scared of a real and current threat, you sweat, shake, palpitate and feel nauseous.

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Anxiety Attack

  1. 1.
  2. 2.  Also known as panic attack Can occur all of a sudden Related i h h i R l d with the instinctive f li i i feeling of running f i away from danger
  3. 3.  Unexpected rush of adrenaline ◦ Sends signals to the brain ◦ Activates that flight instinct Like when you’re scared of a real threat you you re threat, ◦ Sweat ◦ Shake ◦ Palpitate ◦ Feel nauseous
  4. 4.  Especially under dire circumstances The feeling of being threatened does not let up A person suffering from anxiety attacks ◦ I constantly on guard Is l d ◦ May shun attention from others ◦ To avoid another attack
  5. 5.  One of the glaring symptoms of chronic anxiety disorder These attacks occur to so many people Full-blown panic attacks ◦ M More common among women than men h
  6. 6.  Panic attack is like a red flag These attacks seem to be unprovoked ◦ Could occur anywhere ◦ Could occur at any time
  7. 7.  The sufferer become afraid of risking exposure to potential trigger for the attack He tends to stay where he feels safe ◦ Usually at home ◦ No apparent threat is around ◦ Avoids meetings and public speaking
  8. 8.  Problem: person can’t get a job for the long can t term He ends up worrying ◦ His problem will interfere with his work ◦ He thinks he will only be a burden to other people
  9. 9.  Childhood anxiety disorders ◦ Main root causes of adult panic attacks ◦ Undiagnosed and untreated phobias may persist ◦ Until they surface as anxiety problems during adulthood
  10. 10.  The development of irrational fears Translate directly to physical imbalances Surging hormones S i h ◦ Some people faint because they feel like they’re having a heart attack ◦ Others lose consciousness because they cannot breathe properly
  11. 11. HowToCalmAnxiety