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Published in: Business, Technology
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  1. 1. Original Image Finished Image
  2. 2. I wanted to edit my image so that it was in a lomography style having a vintage look to it with warmer colours as the original was very plain due to the overcast weather. I started with the original image, experimenting with the different colour curves trying to create more contrast and a green colour. Adding a Blue Solid Colour on a New Layer (changing the blending mode to screen). Add a Orange Linear Gradient Colour on a new layer and then a Cream Solid Colour on a new layer (setting the blending mode to soft light).
  3. 3. Changing the Hue Saturation and The Brightness and Contrast of the image to increase the colours in the image. Trying to lower the blue colours. Adding a Almost Black Solid Colour on a new layer select the Elliptical Tool I cut out an oval shape adding a mask and feathering it to 200px. Change the opacity and fill to blend with the background.
  4. 4. Finally, experimenting with Hue and Levels, increase the colours and saturation to increase colours for the finished image.
  5. 5. Original Image Change Curves Add Gradient. Orange, Blue, Cream Change Contrast, Brightness and add A Black Background and create a mask. Finished Image