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  1. 1. Media Company CaseStudyTask 1 Understand the structureand ownership of the media sectorCallum Harrison
  2. 2. Apple Learners will choose a media company, (from agiven list) and produce a 1000 word case-studyon that company. Choose from, Disney, Apple, Sony (& SyCo), NewsCorporation, Google Start by telling me what media sector it belongsto. What products it produces (cross-media?)
  3. 3. Apple inc. is an American multinationalcorporation that designs and markets consumerelectronics, computer software, and personalcomputers. The company Apple producenumerous products for example: The iPod, theiPhone, the MacBook and the MacintoshComputers. Apple also produced ITunes which isused for downloading and storing music, movies,TV shows and podcasts. ITunes is connected tothe Apple products like the Ipod and is the onlyway of transferring songs onto the Ipod etc
  4. 4. Apple Computers were founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and SteveWozniak, in fact it was these two that actually raised the moneythemselves to start the company.After having success with the release of their first two modelsSteve Woznaik and Steve jobs took the company public in 1980 inorder to raise the money they needed in the effort to expand thecompany.Apple is now owned by the shareholders and or the people whoinvested money into the company.Bill Gates owns 51% of the company, Apple. Apple Inc. didn’tactually start as a media company it started as an IT company butwhen ITunes was made it caused them to change to a mediacompany because it produced music. Apple now own numerouscompanies. Some of which include: Apple acquired C3Technologies which is a 3D mapping company.
  5. 5. Apple have a lot of competition and the main onebeing PC manufacturers for example; Dell. but ofcourse you can also factor in Microsoft as a rivalto their Operating System (OS X/XP).Recentlythey have branched out considerably, into onlinemedia (iTunes, Mobile Me, iPhone)so you canfactor in Napster and other legal music downloadsites, Hotmail and Gmail, and Samsung,Blackberry.
  6. 6. A lot of Apples Customers are in fact people with thereown business. The reason for this is because of the appsthat you can download on the Apple products. This is agood use for a business phone. As well as business ownersusing Apple it is also very popular with the general public.
  7. 7. Because Apple Inc. is a global computer manufacturingcompany that changes all the time its hard for them tokeep track of their operations and finances. Because ofthis Apple had to redesign and revaluate its organizationalculture and structure in order to avoid bankruptcy.
  8. 8. Apple Inc. did receive criticism when they were accused ofsweatshop labour, environmental destruction, and unethicalbusiness practices. Additionally it has been criticised because if itslegal policy of suing people before actually gathering all of thenecessary facts to peruse a legitimate law suit.
  9. 9. The information I have used on Apple came from Wikipedia however I havealso used some things from to ensure that theinformation was viable.
  10. 10. The information I have used on Apple came from Wikipedia however I havealso used some things from to ensure that theinformation was viable.