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Healthcare Insights Callum Bir Deloitte Disruptive Innovations In Hc


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Healthcare Insights Callum Bir Deloitte Disruptive Innovations In Hc

  1. 1. Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare Callum Bir Director, Life Sciences & Healthcare
  2. 2. Disruptive Innovation 1
  3. 3. What Citizens want? Interest in online tools and services and in tools and aids to support self-managed care 2
  4. 4. And why can ‘tPatient led we book appointments with PcP / Hospitals? Growth drivers• 20% of all new phones sold is smart-phone• Asia has fastest growing affluent class and middle class• Largest % current customer segment• 2% apps on HC and 7% on Life Style Barriers• Does not address broad population (for now)• Significant gaps in adoption of technology in provider settings 3
  5. 5. Technology-enabledSelf-Care self-care Growth drivers• Downloads of Healthcare iPhone apps• Emerging patient portals and pilots across the region Barriers• Lack of awareness of benefits• Data Governance, Ownership, and regulatory frameworks still needs to be worked out• Lack of Sustainable business models• Still in early stages of development 4
  6. 6. Regular follow-up, Mobile Monitoring ,Chronic Care Lifestyle Lifestyle choices for chronic patients Growth drivers• Increased access to healthcare and health- related information, particularly for hard-to- reach populations• Increase mobile (voice) coverage and adoption Barriers• Relatively untapped market• Limitation on care delivery on phone 5
  7. 7. Personal monitoring device to alertEvidence Based Care and guide to make improvements in health or treat a condition. Growth drivers• Significant innovation in Med Tech industry• Rapidly growing Chronic Disease patients in Asia• Improved ability to diagnose and track diseases Barriers• Lack of complete end-to-end operator service• Largely Silo approach till date 6
  8. 8. Prevention of Chronic Diseases? < 20 % of high risk citizens participate in wellness programs 7
  9. 9. Use of applications is expectedKeeping Healthy to increase threefold by 2012 (=600 mil applications) Growth drivers• Payers are most interested to keep people healthy!• Technology enabled incentive / rewards to change behavior• Expanding Wellness market (eg, spa, yoga) Barriers• Still a relatively small market today in Asia despite high growth 8
  10. 10. Challenges Trust & relationship Technology Fin. Alignment Govt Alignment 9
  11. 11. Privacy concerns diminishing … Concern about privacy of Health information stored online 10
  12. 12. Technology will change lifestyle ofchronic care patient and enable self-care....
  13. 13. 2. Social NetworkingFacebook drives more traffic online than Google 12
  14. 14. Compare hospitals & doctors? Percent who compare physicians and hospitals before making a selection and most trusted sources of medical information compared to other sources 13
  15. 15. Building fan pages for specific causes,Facebook organizations or products; sharing recreation-oriented campaigns 14
  16. 16. Posting educational videosYouTube and testimonials 15
  17. 17. Doctors & Citizens accessTwitter most latest from trusted sources. Less is more.. . 16
  18. 18. Recruiting talent,Linked-in announcing staff news 17
  19. 19. Challenges Risk and liability Trust Resources 18
  20. 20. Transiting from Patient Oriented Care to Consumer Model of Care ….
  21. 21. Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare Callum Bir Director, Life Sciences & Healthcare +65 9100 1595