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Schlow stratplancog


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Schlow strategic plan version one

Published in: Education, Business
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Schlow stratplancog

  1. 1. Friends of Schlow LibraryFirst Place, # of Donors - $25,600
  2. 2. Ready, Set, Schlow!Strategic Plan 2013-2016
  3. 3. Disruptive Technologies & Libraries Publishing: E-booksand Amazon Movies: Netflix TV:iTunes, HBOToGo, DVRs Music: Digital tracks Magazines: Digitalaccess Copies: Emailattachments Picture books: iPadapps Education: MOOCs
  4. 4. Community Discovery The Ivy Group, Ltd. LeadershipInterviews Parking Survey Online Survey Phone Survey “Soul of theCommunity” Report Planning Reports
  5. 5. Six Targets1. We Are Where You Are2. Children Today, Leaders Tomorrow3. Community Connector4. Centre Region’s Living Room5. Read It, Know It, Schlow It6. Firm Financial Foundation
  6. 6. We Are Where You AreVirtual Branch
  7. 7. We Are Where You Are
  8. 8. We Are Where You AreRemote Dropoffs
  9. 9. Children Today, Leaders TomorrowEarly childhoodFamily PlacelibraryDaycare servicesTween excitement
  10. 10. CommunityConnectorPublic computingGadget loans andtrainingPartnerships
  11. 11. Centre Region’s Living Room
  12. 12. The Future ofShelving
  13. 13. Read It, Know It, Schlow It
  14. 14. MOOCs, Online Learning
  15. 15. Firm Financial FoundationMajor DonorsEndowmentsMajor Gifts Campaign?
  16. 16.  We Are Where You Are Children Today, Leaders Tomorrow Community Connector Centre Region’s Living Room Read It, Know It, Schlow It Firm Financial FoundationUse and Adjust the Plan
  17. 17. Thank You, COG Elected Officials