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Shaunagh evalutation finished


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Shaunagh evalutation finished

  1. 1. AS Media StudiesG321: Foundation Production EvaluationShaunagh Buckley
  2. 2. Question One; In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?We looked at media conventions to try to make our film fit in to the market, weused a variety of techniques to make our film more successful such as-Flash forward – this made the audience aware of what happened to the characters-We used sound to create a mood in our scene, we used music that sounds creepy andeerie to set the scene in the film-Our Mise en Scene was effective because we used an area that looked quiterundown because we wanted to show that the characters don’t come from the bestbackground- Using Narrative we challenged the conventions because we started using a flashforward rather than telling the story, this makes the audience interested
  3. 3. Question One; In what ways does your mediaproduct use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?Company Logo Costume Title Location Setting The Scene
  4. 4. Question Two; How does your media product represent certain social groups?• The social groups we were representing were the lower classes, we showed this by the costumes we used, the locations and also the mise en scene• Drug use is mentioned in the voice over re-enforcing the class of the characters and also the themes of the play, we decided doing a voice over would help the audience understand whats happening• We looked at costume and make up used in other films to give us an idea on what the characters should look like, this was strong inspiration; Becky from Kidulthood
  5. 5. What kind of media institution your media product and why?• Our film would most likely be distributed by an independent film company that specialises in social realist films• Our film would not be distributed by Hollywood film distributors as it would not appeal to a mainstream audience because of its controversial themes• An ideal distributor would be warp because there films are social realist• Our film would be shown in ArtHouse cinemas as it would appeal to a niche audience who would be more likely to attend an ArtHouse Cinema
  6. 6. Who would be the audience for your product?• Our target audience would be men and women who are young adults (18-25)• They will probably be from a working class background• They would have seen films such as -Fish Tank -This Is England - Adulthood• The motivation to see this film would be a night out where the audience wanted to see a film that would make them think and understand the characters
  7. 7. How did you attract your audience?• The first we attracted our audience was by starting our film with an extremely loud scream, we did this because this would shock the audience and entice them to see what happens• The fact they see a body being stabbed then coming back to life will make the audience want to watch the film and see what happened• The voice over added emotional appeal to our film as it gave the audience an idea of the emotional journey the main character had been through• The end of the section of the film we focused on was a cliff hanger which would make the audience wonder how this normal girl ended up in the situation she was in
  8. 8. What technical skills have you learnt and how has your understanding of film production developed during the process of constructing this product?• The most important skill we learnt was organisation, we had to keep a record ofeverything we did and we did this by using a blog.•We had to practice our camera skills we had learnt earlier in the year, we had tomake sure our film looked professional and not amateur to do this we had to re-shoot often, we had an issue with the 180 degree rule and also once when wefilmed it was too dark, at the end of our production we were able to spot issuesand resolve them•We had to edit our film and we worked on editing tightly so that we could giveour film a professional look I feel at the end of our production I was confident withmy editing skills
  9. 9. What have I learnt in the progression of the course?• When we first started working on filming I was fairly confident as I had worked on filming before in the past however when we had worked on our coursework more I began to be much more confident with editing, we worked well as a team and eventually produced a product we were all happy with