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  1. 1. Title of Film Mean Girls Year of Release 2004 Director Mark Waters Genre Comedy/Drama Target Audience Teenage Gril’s Summary In the first five minutes of the film you are thrown in Cady’s life. You see what she has come from and where she is now she appears to be a confident outgoing girl but you can soon tell that she isn’t fitting in a High School .
  2. 2. The locations in the first five minutes of the film are all extremely different although they show where she has come from and where she is now. The film starts in her front garden with her parents but then you are taken to her life in Africa and then to a American high school. You realise in the first five minutes how much her life has changed and how quickly. 1. Front Garden 2. Africa 3. School Classroom 4. Canteen 5. School Toilet
  3. 3. In the first five minutes you are introduced to five of the main characters, the first actors you see are Cady’s parents who in the film becoming important as you realise that they influence Cady and have control over what she does therefore it is important you see them first. You then see Cady (The main character) although you have already heard her voice you can now put a name to face and even though she doesn't look popular she soon changes. Once you are taken into the high school you are introduced to what become her best friends Damian and Janis. The Parents Cady The Best Friends (Damian and Janis)
  4. 4. Africa to High School? The main enigma code in the opening five minutes is why she has left Africa and go to America? This helps to hook the audience and allow them to want to continue to carry on watching as they want to know why Cady has moved. Also Cady is not very good at making friends and appears alone, this is only realised towards the end of the opening when she is sat eating her lunch in the toilet it is not like she hasn't tried she just doesn't seem to have been accepted there this leaves you wondering how she will get on and therefore makes you want to continue watching.
  5. 5. Low angle shot Over the shoulder Establishing shot Two shot In the film opening various shot types are used I have only picked out a few. The low angle shot of Cady’s parents show straight away that they have power over her in this situation but they you are taken to a two shot of Cady and her dad which then shows the audience their relationship with each other. An establishing shot is used so the audience are aware of where they are, and then an over the shoulder shot is used to help the conversation flow. Various effects are used for example the camera often zooms into shots as the audience when then feel they are entering her life rather then just sitting on the sidelines also the camera tracks in order to follow Cady.
  6. 6. The main shot transition which is used in this film opening is cut this is because they are clean and don’t confuse the audience as in the first few minutes of a film there is a lot to take in. Although they do also use one fade from black at the very start of the film this helps to lead you in with the use of the music. A technique which is also used is when the imagine suddenly freezes as if a picture is being taken this is an interesting effect to use at it is visually interesting and is different to a lot of other editing. The sound in this film opening is mainly dialogue although some other sound effects are used. For example when the teachers coffee drops you hear the splash and also a kissing sound effect is used and when the pictures are being taken a sound effect is used to add to the emphasis of this. Although the main background noise which is present is the noise of the school for example talking, laughing and even the noise of a board pen this helps the audience to engage with the school and its surroundings.
  7. 7. Even though the titles are all in the same font they appear in different colours and in different areas of the screen they all have the first name in bold and the second name is normal. I believe they have chosen to do this and put them in bright colours in various areas of the screen although they are always in the bottom of the screen if actors are also on screen. The titles stand out and are more likely to be read, they also then fit the mood of the film and the music as they are in happy girly colours.
  8. 8. Looking at this film opening it has helped me to realises just how much goes into a film opening and how important they are, as this is what hooks the audience. From this film opening various elements have inspired me into what we may consider putting in our film opening for example I really like the idea of using still images and even transferring moving images into still I believe this works really well and is something different which may help to interest the audience. I also like the idea of having some shots in a school as this is something a large variety of individuals can relate to as ever though are main target audience is teenage girls but using the school as part of our setting will engage a larger audience as its a hard time in anyone's life and many people are able to relate to this. The use of titles was also interesting as it proves they do not have to be boring and you can make then look visually pleasing and also are able to experiment with different text font and size. I am now also aware as to where they should appear in relation to the actors on screen. By looking at this particular film opening allows me to understand what has been done to entice their target audience and also how we can achieve this in our own film opening.