As media studies evaluation


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As media studies evaluation

  1. 1. AS Media Studies Evaluation questions Christina Cannon
  2. 2. Genre-Spy thriller Strong female role This film was a strong influence The phone call she received- typical spy Question 1) These two films are also inspirations that we used for our production
  3. 3. Question 1) Using the conventions Similar Different Female role like- Charlie’s Angles and Silence of the Lambs Female role unlike James Bond Typical Mise en Scene like passports, credit cards, paperwork Our narrative structure because it is linear because it is in a straight line no flashbacks or flash forwards
  4. 4. Question 1) Enigma Codes- The phone call leaves you wondering that have they been set a mission. This is also typical for a spy genre. Who is picking her up? Is she a good spy or a bad one? <ul><li>Mise En Scene- </li></ul><ul><li>All of the things that we used are typical to the spy genre. </li></ul><ul><li>Credit cards </li></ul><ul><li>Passports </li></ul><ul><li>Files and paperwork </li></ul>
  5. 5. Question 2) Gender- Female but also powerful and dominant Short skirt to show that she is represented as attractive and feminine The audience sympathise with her because the camera is following her the whole time. She has class and is wealthy. She is in her 20’s The sunglasses show that she has a hidden side
  6. 6. Question 3) The film company that we used for our production was Fox Searchlight Pictures Hollywood film Screened in Multiplex cinemas Not as high budget as 20 th century Fox New actors and directors Slum dog Millionaire Juno The full Monty Little miss sunshine
  7. 7. Question 4) Target age group- Young adults Targeted at both genders because of the female role for the girls and also something the boys can look at and still watch as a thriller. Target social group- students/adults etc People would go and see it on a date, girls night out, boys night out. The people who watch this type of film are probably people who have seen films such as Charlie’s Angles and James Bond.
  8. 8. Question 5) Music used was Rock Camera style has a number of different shots like panning and close ups. Editing style we added for effect dip to blacks and slow motion All through out the opening you stay with the character the whole time following her around as if you are there watching her. We have not used humour in out opening scene and Our emotional peal gives hints to the audience drawing them in such as – the phone call that she gets/who is it? Who is she following?
  9. 9. Question 6) Planning- we done an animatic and also a storyboard On camerawork we used many different shots Editing- we used slow motion and dip to blacks. Even though in our production we did not use a lot of effects we still tried and have learnt new ways of editing and adding effects using premier pro. Sound mixing we added a car sound what we recorded by the round at Chauncy School, we found a copyright free song on the internet and we also add the typewrite sound to the titles. When It came to the Mise En Scene we used credit cards and pass ports etc, but what we really wanted was a gun however we could not get hold of one. I now know and understand how films are made.
  10. 10. Question 7) When looking back at the preliminary task I do feel that I have progressed because I now know how to film better and also edit better than I used to before. In the preliminary task we have also followed the lead role with the camera making sure that his every movement matches, we have also done the same on our film opening. On our film opening we have used effects however we have not used effects on the preliminary. I think that on our film opening we have demonstrated our skills more than on the preliminary task.