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Genealogy powerpoint

  1. 1. My Story Calli Gabrielle Hamrick
  2. 2. My Lifeline Late 1760’s 1831-1832 1860 The Civil War was Cherokee Nation v.John Wesley was at very important in my Georgia (1831) andthe core of the family’s history Worcester v.creation of because, on both Georgia (1832) wereMethodism, and my mom’s side and both very importantMethodism came to my dad’s side, all ofthe U.S. in the late cases because of our family was born the effects they had1760’s. It has since and raised in the on Indians. Mymade a huge impact South. So, this was great-great-greaton my family and a very important war grandmother,myself. Groce for them. Malinda Jane ScottUnited Methodist (pictured) was a fullChurch has been myhome away from Cherokee Indian, and she lived fromhome for 15 years. 1819-1919 in Tennessee.
  3. 3. In 1831, the University of Alabama was founded. Sports are HUGE on both sides of my family, and obviously, in coming from the South, football is big. And we always pull for our crimson tide! So much of my and my family’s life has been centered around sports! Mid- to late- 1800’s 1831 1914In the mid- to late- 1800’s, thecampground today known as CascadeLake was purchased by George World War I was important inVanderbilt in Asheville/Brevard, NC. It is my family’s history becausenow part of the Cradle of Forestry. My my Grandaddy Charlie (myfamily started camping at Cascade Lake great-grandfather, pictured)in 2004, and we have gone numerous fought in the war. World Wartimes every summer since. Family on II was also important in myboth my mom and dad’s sides often join family’s history becauseus with their own campers, and we just some of my grandmother’shave the best time swimming and brothers, including Williamplaying cards! It has definitely shaped and Clyde, fought. Thewho I am, because it’s taught me to military, and patriotism inenjoy just spending time with my family, general, have always beenin simplicity – without all the very important for both theextravagance of daily life. men and women in my family, throughout our history.
  4. 4. 1929, 1935 1980 1998 In the 1980’s, my family in In 1998, my houseIn 1929, my mother’s mother was born – my “Nana.” Alabama began the Wienerfest was built, and weIn 1935, my father’s mother was born – my “Gram”. and 4th of July family reunions. moved in when I wasThese two ladies had such a huge impact on my life It’s a family reunion like you have three and my brotherand definitely contributed largely into shaping me into never experienced. Marshmallow was one. It has beenthe person I am today. These two ladies have been fights in the dark and all 200 my home now for 14my best friends since I was born, and are two of the people roasting hot dogs over years, and I could notsweetest people I have ever met. Unfortunately, my the campfire make for imagine beingfamily lost my sweet Nana in November of 2010, but unforgettable experiences that I anywhere else! Wemy Gram and I have gotten closer than ever these have been a part of every year grew up outside withlast couple of years. since I was born! So much of our Lindsey and Zach summers were spent in AL on (our neighbors and the farm talking for hours on the our family), and it is back porch, eating, laughing, just absolutely the spending time with family, and best place to call catching lightning bugs. home!
  5. 5. My mom’s side of the family came over to America from Ulster,Northern Ireland in the late 1600’s. My great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents, John Berryhill and Mary Bigness gave birth to their children in MecklenbergCounty, NC in the 1730’s, and are believed to be the ones whomigrated over from another country into the South.
  6. 6. Both sides of my family came from the South, whether it be Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina or North Carolina. All of my family was hard- working, and most were farmingpeoples, and as far back as my great-great grandparents, have always lived in these four states.