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Amazon Go


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Callie Carnes tech talk

Published in: Technology
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Amazon Go

  1. 1. • New retail consumer checkout system • A “walk out” style grocery shopping experience where customers pick the items they want, walk out, and Amazon bills them • Included in your Amazon Prime membership • Only available through select Amazon store locations
  2. 2. • Customers show their Amazon Prime membership bar code at the entrance of the store • Customers can just pick items off the shelf and sensors under the item tell Amazon to bill your account • No cashier-customer interaction needed
  3. 3. • Companies can collect knowledge about consumer choices by analyzing the data collected by sensors • Eliminating the task of standing in line will make shopping more appealing to customers and bring in more business • Companies can save money by hiring less workers • Reduced theft rates due to sensors indicating when an item has been removed and then billing the customer
  4. 4. tests-new-retail-consumer-checkout-system/d/d-id/1327668? changer-for-retail.html tremendous-potential-once-it-fixes-a-few-things.html