Diabetes Prevention - Catholic Charities of Corpus Christi


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  • Diabetes Prevention - Catholic Charities of Corpus Christi

    2. 2. CompanyLOGO Community Partners Community Partners Be S.A.F.E. from Diabetes
    3. 3. CompanyLOGO Framework American Journal of Public Health | April 2010, Vol 100, No. 4 Counseling The Health Impact Pyramid & Education Clinical Interventions Long Lasting Protective Interventions Changing the Context to Make Individuals ‘ Default Decisions Healthy Socioeconomic Factors The efforts of UTCO in Nueces County are designed with objectives to make lasting environmental / socioeconomic changes. In order to reach these goals tactics representative of all areas of the pyramid are used. We believe that by using combinations of the pyramid facets, we will be successful in making well rounded, lasting impressions.
    4. 4. CompanyLOGO FrameworkCounseling &Education Lay counseling and education is a facet of every UTCO program and event in Nueces County Every class and client consultation serves a teaching moment and a door to our community in gaining trust. This outreach extends a strong psycho-social support system to the clients. This is often the missing link for a lasting and positive behavioral change.
    5. 5. CompanyLOGO Framework Clinical InterventionsIn a community-based program In FY2011, we have formed alliances with Mission of Mercy and CHRISTUS Spohn Health System in addition to private physicians to implement a direct referral process. As the Community Health Workers are linking clients to medical homes and proactive care, health providers are referring clients back to UTCO for their diabetes education. Clients have free access to services at the Healthy Living Center in addition to the added support of the various programs at Catholic Charities of Corpus Christi. http://utco.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/Referral-Form4.pdf
    6. 6. CompanyLOGO Framework Long Lasting Protective InterventionsWorking with clients to empower them to incorporatehealthy eating and increased physical activity intotheir daily routines, diabetic clients are learning tocontrol their glucose levels. Non-diabetics arelearning that diabetes can be prevented.For all Nueces County clients enrolled in the self-management program, UTCO is correlating data oninterventions with diagnostic outcomes at months 1, 3, 6and 12.
    7. 7. CompanyLOGO Framework Changing the Context to Make Individuals’ Default Decisions Healthy Promoting and providing access to opportunities to learn, exercise and share experiences, the UTCO Healthy Living Center has made a significant change in Nueces County. Every service is focused around making healthy choices and behavioral changes for a healthy lifestyle. There have been 39 class series offered to the community, free of charge, including nutrition/cooking, exercise and health awareness.
    8. 8. CompanyLOGO Framework Socioeconomic Factors UTCO sponsored community garden projects at a local shelter, in the town of Banquete and at a local Corpus Christi elementary school promote farming, eating fresh produce and appreciation for the earth. Working with clients who are currently homeless and/or disabled and teaching and supporting healthy choices has lead to clients going from homelessness to living independently, working on GED’s, and becoming gainfully employed. Assisting clients who are underserved and/or underinsured and linking them to medical coverage and a medical home AND teaching them disease self-management and/or prevention results in cost avoidance from decreased emergency room visits and avoidable hospital admissions.
    9. 9. CompanyLOGO ACTIVITY TOTALS…
    10. 10. Company Total OutreachLOGO *10,465 = the number of participants assisted by the Diabetes Intervention & Prevention Program in Nueces County. FY2010 = 4318 FY2011 = 6147
    11. 11. CompanyLOGO Activities for FY2011 2276 Events / 6147 Participants Psychosocial Physical Activity Nutrition 856 Events (38%) 1307 Events (57%) 113 Events (5%) 2123 Participants (35%) 3008 Participants (48%) 1016 Participants (17%)
    12. 12. CompanyLOGO UPDATES…
    13. 13. CompanyLOGO Diabetes Education Kiosk UTCO & Catholic Charities of Corpus Christi was awarded a learning / education kiosk by the Morris L. Lichtenstein Jr. Medical Research Foundation.
    14. 14. CompanyLOGO Frontera de SaludIt was another successful year working with the medical and allied healthstudents from UT Medical Branch. Community Health Worker and studentsvisited clients’ homes throughout Nueces County, held health living eventsand sponsored a street side outreach event at an area badly affected bythe flooding in the Fall of 2010. The interdisciplinary teamwork was amazing!
    15. 15. Company LOGO Serving the HomelessDiabetes intervention and prevention services continue at the MotherTeresa Homeless Day Shelter. Services include: Glucose screenings Education on self-management skills Connections to medical homes Prescription assistance Backpack Traveling FoodThe Journey for Control Conversation Maps will be used to for diabeteseducation at the shelter. Questions, answers, peer support andLessons applicable to the homeless will offered on a weekly schedule.Catholic Charities of Corpus Christi was awarded a grant by the CoastalBend Diabetes Initiative to continue this innovative work with the homelesspopulation in Corpus Christi. This project involving intensive casemanagement is in the implementation phase and will be completed in thesummer of 2012.
    17. 17. CompanyLOGO Diabetes Self-Management 47diabetic clients continue to be active in the diabetes prevention and self-management programming. In FY2011, clients continued to lower their HbA1c’s. Every quarter reflected a overall percent decrease in the average HbA1c’s. Additionally, at the 9 month marker, the clients’ overall average body mass index decreased by 16%. 673 home visits were made by the Community Health Workers in FY2011.
    18. 18. Company Diabetes Self-ManagementLOGO Program Metrics* For Diabetic Clients at 3, 6, 9 & 12 Month Markers # of Clients Baseline 3 Month Average w/ 3 Month Average Average Percent +/- Marker HbA1c HbA1c 47 8.6 7.8 -9.3% # of Clients Baseline 6 Month Average w/6 Month Average Average Percent +/- Marker HbA1c HbA1c 33 8.7 8.1 -6.9% # of Clients Baseline 9 Month Average w/9 Month Average Average Percent +/- Marker HbA1c HbA1c 19 8.7 8.2 -5.8% # of Clients Baseline 12 Month Average w/12 Month Average Average Percent +/- Marker HbA1c HbA1c 10 9.0 8.4 -6.7%
    19. 19. CompanyLOGO Highlights Diabetes Education In FY2011, 146 diabetes classes were facilitated by the Community Health Workers. 703 participants were served.
    20. 20. CompanyLOGO Highlights Nutrition & Cooking In FY2011, 1016 clients participated in the nutrition and cooking classes. There were 116 cooking demonstrations/nutrition classes held this past year.
    21. 21. CompanyLOGO Highlights Nutrition In FY2011 we joined forces with the local& Cooking team from the Department of Rehabilitation Services [DARS] and offered diabetes education and cooking/nutrition classes to clients who are visually impaired. 75% of the clients had lost their vision to diabetes. Clients were deeply engaged in the classes and thanks to DARS, they were able to take the recipes home in Braille. Additionally, they learned how to modify a kitchen to make it safer and functional.
    22. 22. CompanyLOGO Highlights Physical Activity In FY2011, 1307 exercise classes were sponsored by UTCO & Catholic Charities of Corpus Christi.
    23. 23. CompanyLOGO Highlights 3008 = the number of people who attended the exercise classes in FY2011.Physical 168 = Activity record for attendance at a Zumba class held at the Holy Family Parish in Corpus Christi. This was a partnership with the Corpus Christi Independent School District.
    24. 24. CompanyLOGO A Client’s Testimony The Power of Prevention… A letter of support from Roland S… Thank you!
    25. 25. CompanyLOGO How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. ~Anne Frank …and we did not wait! Thank you!