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  1. 1. Quality improvement Calle Lindén Sina Brödner The Dinh ThiHealth care Improvement, 2012
  2. 2. Definition• Quality Improvement is a formal approach to the analysis of performance and systematic efforts to improve it. – (Department of Community and Family Medicine, 2005).• The systematic approach to reduction or elimination of waste, rework, and losses in production process – (International Organization for Standardization, 1994a)
  3. 3. The Model for improvement step 1• Thinking phase – What are we trying to accomplish? – How will we know that a change is an improvement? – What change can we make that will result in improvement? (Langley, Nolan, Nolan, Norman & Provost, 1996).
  4. 4. The Model of improvement step 2• Doing phase – PDCA(PDSA) cycle • Plan – List tasks needed to set up the test of change • Do – Run the test and document what happened • Check(Study) – Describe the measured results and how they compared to predictions • Act – Determine what the next PDSA cycle will be based on the learning
  5. 5. The Model of improvement What are we trying to accomplish? Act PlanHow will we know that achange is an PDCA cycleimprovement?What change can wemake that will result inimprovement? Check Do (Source: Langley, Nolan, Nolan, Norman & Provost, 1996. Visual: The authors to this presentation)
  6. 6. Examples of uses• Applying the Model of improvement to various health care problems can: Help improve efficiency and health outcomes while incorporating many of the resources already available to local health departments. (Harrison, et al., 2012)• Nurse students that applied quality improvement models could make an improvement in their study habits or lifestyle. (Kyrkjebö & Hanestad, 2002).
  7. 7. Motivation/Discussion• “What really matters is whether or not a hospital has a culture that supports quality improvement work and an approach that encourages flexible implementation.” – (Shortell et al., 1995)
  8. 8. ISO 9001• One of the largest framework for standards for quality management systems• Certificate for companies fulfilling several goals about quality improvements – Quality link between company, employees and customers – Using quality models and the quality work is regularly evaluated• Can give the company – Significant financial benefits – A better quality (International Organization for Standardization)
  9. 9. Methods• Collection information about the concept through brainstorming and googling• Narrow it down to a couple more specific topics• Search about the topics on google and PubMed using the keywords: Quality, Improvement, Healthcare and The model of improvement (Limit to full text and 10 years back in time).• Present to most valuable find on the powerpoint
  10. 10. References• Langley, G., Nolan, K., Nolan, T., Norman, C., Provost, L. (1996): The Improvement Guide: A Practical Approach to Enhancing Organizational Performance.• Kyrkjebö, J. & Hanestad, B. (2002). Personal improvement project in nursing education: learning methods and tools for continuous quality improvement in nursing practice. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 41, 88–98.• Harrison, L., Shook, E., Harris, G., Lea, S., Cornett A., Randolph G., (2012). Applying the Model for Improvement in a Local Health Department: Quality Improvement as an Effective Approach in Navigating the Changing Landscape of Public Health Practice in Buncombe County, North Carolina. Public Health Management Practice, 18, 19–26.• Shortell, S., OBrien J., Carman J., Foster, R., Hughes, E., Boerstler, H. & OConnor, E. (1995). Assessing the impact of continuous quality improvement/total quality management: concept versus implementation. HSR: Health Services Research, 30, 377-401• Department of Community and Family Medicine. (2005). Patient Safety. Retrieved 4 April 2012, from:• International Organization for Standardization. (w.y.)b. ISO-9001. Retrieved 4 April 2012, from: ent/iso_9001_2008/faqs_on_iso_9001.htm.• International Organization for Standardization. (w.y.)a. ISO-8402-1986. Retrieved 4 April 2012, from: csnumber=20115.