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Flip Html5 – excellent flip book maker to insert multimedia contents


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Excellent Flip Book Maker Flip Html5 is powerful enough to add diverse multimedia contents in order to enrich the flipping page. Then in the slideshow, we will show you introduce you the wonderful flip book editor of flip html5.

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Flip Html5 – excellent flip book maker to insert multimedia contents

  1. 1. Introduction Converting PDF to Flipbook is a totally new way to have wonderful reading experience. Flip Html5, not only can convert PDF to flipbook with four steps but also can edit diverse useful multimedia elements on flip magazine. Anyway, we can’t ignore that flip book editor provides a convenient way for users to enrich the flip book content. The multimedia elements contain music player, video player, flash, shape, image slideshow and so on.
  2. 2. ScreenShot
  3. 3. Insert Multimedia Step1: Run Flip Html5 and add new file. Download and launch program and then continue to add new file such as PDF, Office, OpenOffice and Images based on your user type.
  4. 4. Insert Multimedia Step2: Log in to continue editing. When you click “Edit Page” it will remind you to login in order to make you to use flip book editor smoothly and preview the flipbook conveniently.
  5. 5. Insert Multimedia Step3: Add multimedia elements. Click “Edit Page” to flip page editor window to start adding multimedia contents.
  6. 6. Insert Multimedia Step4: Select a page you want to insert multimedia, then choose an icon and draw a box to add multimedia contents. After that, click “Save” to save the settings to check the effect. Then you can choose to upload online to publish to local according to your user type.
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