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Theme5 part2

  1. 1. Theme 5 Part 2:Seven Myths of the Spanish Conquest Kendra Lacasella History of the Americas Online November 27th, 2011
  2. 2. Acknowledgements and Introduction• The number 7 has a • The seven myths of the significant meaning in Conquest are all found in American History. the Cortes legend.• From the 16th century – The term myth is also used Spanish ecclesiastics to in the sense “not meaning the truth” those of professional historians today, the fundamental characteristics of that vision survived. – There is a better understanding of the Spanish Conquest.
  3. 3. Seven Myths of the Spanish Conquest Chapter 1: “A Handful of Adventures”• The Myth of Exceptional • Probanzas were reports Men written by conquerors• The discovery of America that were sent back to has to be one of the most Spanish monarchs for the important events in purpose of gaining some history. sort of title. – Columbus’ discovery of – They were biased and America was celebrated as evolved into historical a personal achievement. recollections. He was placed into the myth of exceptional men. – His writings provided the formation of legends and myths about him.
  4. 4. Seven Myths of the Spanish Conquest Chapter 3: Invisible Warriors• The Myth of the White • Two very important things Conquistador are: Native politics and The• The “invisible warriors” Tlaxcalans and other were Africans who were Nahaus and native free and enslaved, who Mesoamericas. accompanied Spanish • The Tlaxcalans provided an invaders. ally for the Spanish against – Native people are everywhere the Mexica empire. in the Conquest alongside the Spaniards. – Africans were also ever present to the conquest of Mexico, the Spanish invasion, and the colonization of America.
  5. 5. Seven Myths of the Spanish Conquest Chapter 7: Apes and Men• The Myth of Superiority.• The Spanish viewed the • Disease: natives as less than – From smallpox, to measles, humans as barbarians. and then the flu; this meant – The Spanish superiority that Europeans and Africans in language, literacy, arrived in the New world with and reading “signs”. a deadly array of germs.• The conquistadors had • Native Disunity two great allies: – Native peoples saw – Disease themselves as members of – Native Disunity particular communities or city-states – The invaders encouraged the peoples to blossom.
  6. 6. Seven Myths of the Spanish Conquest Epilogue: Cuauhtemoc’s Betrayal• It was the year 1525. • But with all these texts being different in many ways, it is• Cuauhtemoc’s death difficult for us to see who really was written in four betrayed Cuauhtemoc. – Due to the different language different perspectives. barriers and communication – Cortez and Gomara errors, all of this is a tragic mess. accounts are similar.• All of these helped us understand different parts of the seven myths of the Spanish conquest.