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Theme5 part1

  1. 1. Theme 5 Part 1: The Jesuit Relations Kendra LacasellaHistory of the Americas Online November 26,2011
  2. 2. The Jesuit Relations: Introduction• Reports from the • These reports covered: Society of Jesus (French Epidemics, Progress of Missionaries). Jesuits, Customs of• They were published Natives, and annually between 1632 Colonization progress. and 1673.• These reports described the efforts of the Jesuits to convert “pagan savages to Catholicism.
  3. 3. The Jesuit Relations: Introduction• The Relations were • The Society of Jesus was written by Europeans not like by everyone. and were focused for – Protestants, secular Europeans. deists, Jansenists, and – But the natives voices others were just a few were not shut out. There who didn’t agree with was a different point of The Society of Jesus. view in the Jesuits as they learned more about the culture of natives.
  4. 4. The Jesuit Relations: Ch. 1• Father Paul Le Jeune • The Montagnais (1591-1664) was the Described: first superior of the – These natives made a New France mission, system of beliefs. and the pioneer author • Nipinouke brought spring and summer and of the Relations. Pipinoukhe brought the – He accompanied cold season. Montagnais on hunt for game, but the journey was difficult.
  5. 5. The Jesuit Relations: Ch. 1 cont.• How to settle disputes and discipline children: – Europeans were used to administrating to discipline children, the Huron’s used present giving to the injured side to amend the childs behavior.
  6. 6. The Jesuit Relations: Ch. 2• Language: • Religion, Myth, and Ritual: – This discussed how there was – Many of the Hurons such diversity and the different imaginations were very origins of languages. interesting and impressive and – Natives lacked important words they have faith in the their and this made is difficult for the dreams. Jesuits to explain things. – Dreams are a key feature in• Law and Government their way of life. – The natives lives were very political and civic. – They were able to live peacefully together and establish villages. – They held counsels almost every day which improved their language.
  7. 7. The Jesuit Relations: Ch. 2 cont.• The Ononharoia: • The Huron Feast of the – For the mad persons. dead: – It starts with someone going – It was the most through the cabins to tell that they have dreamed. renowned ceremony – Then the people of the village among the Huron’s. begin to give him gifts which – The natives recognized help him or her become the immortality of the better and not a manic soul and in time they anymore. would be able to see the need for Christian salvation.
  8. 8. The Jesuit Relations: Ch. 3• The Jesuit relations are a • The Influenza Epidemic of good sources of 1637: information about the – Village after village spread of different succumbed, and the diseases. number of dead multiplied. – This devastated the• Disease and Medicine: Huron’s. They suspected – Shamans helped the sick to that the possible cause of recover when illnesses this sickness was the struck. presence of the French. – Huron’s attributed illness to both natural and super natural causes.
  9. 9. The Jesuit Relations: Ch. 3 cont.• Smallpox struck the Huron’s in 1639: – It “mowed down” the native populations with shocking efficiency. – More Huron’s perished in 1639 than in the plague. – It disfigured and killed people by the thousands – The signs were oozing red sores, lassitude, and fever.
  10. 10. The Jesuit Relations: Ch. 5• Explanations of a Solar • The Moral qualities of Eclipse (by the Animals: Montagnais): – Animals were an – It was believed that it embodiment of vices was a man getting angry and virtues. with a wicked women, the man threatened the woman her heart trembles, causing the eclipse in the sky.
  11. 11. The Jesuit Relations: Ch. 5 cont.• Earthquakes, Comets, and other Prophetic signs: – 1663 was active environmentally and the Relations documented all of the activity really well. – In New France and earth quake struck that left aftershocks occurring over a six-month period.