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Cfc fence idioms


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Fences are everywhere around us! Here are 7 common phrases on fence that you might have come across in your daily life.

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Cfc fence idioms

  1. 1. This phrase means trying your best at something.
  2. 2. Good neighbors respect your privacy and property.
  3. 3. “My family tree is more like a fence post” This is a joke someone usually tells about themselves in reference to a dim-witted relative, by implying that their family tree doesn’t branch out much.
  4. 4. You are being undecided about an issue and haven’t made up your mind which way to go.
  5. 5. Something always looks better from a distance, or when you’re not standing in the thick of it.
  6. 6. Repair any bad relationship or friendship.
  7. 7. When someone is so involved in being argumentative that they don’t care who their opponent is.
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