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Debate julio pp ms retqe 19 01 2010

  1. 1. CMMI DEBATE GRUPO PRINCIPAL ( A 19 01 2010 ) JULIO GONZALEZ SANZ consultor independienteI´m interested to know lessons learned from evaluated teams about"what" and "how many" PPMs have been implemented and accepted bythe lead assessor to satisfy CMMI L4Anunciado hace 28 días |Comentarios (16)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1-EDWARD WÉLLERCMMI High Maturity Lead Appraiser and Software Project Management ConsultantJulioThere is no specified number of PPBs or PPMs to satisfy OPP/QPM other thanmore than zero. The answer will depend on business needs and objectives, aswell as the length of time an organization has been at L4 (1-2 years vs 10-15years).The best way to determine the answer is to have a certified HM lead appraiserconduct a gap analysis or if you feel it is needed, a SCAMPI B/C.What works for one organization might be too many or too few for yourorganization.RegardsEdAnunciado hace 27 días |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2-RAKEESH SINGHCEO of Trendz Process Consulting Pvt Ltd & Social ActivistDear Julio,The Lead appraiser may not be guided by the number of PPM/PPB shown orpracticed by the project/organization. Hence the supportive processperformance model which are statistical and probabilistic models and are usedon software/systems projects in the appraised organization and could indicatethe interim progress towards achieving your project/business objectiveindicating the trend towards stability of your processes/sub-processes chosen.Alternatively certain sub-processes the appraised organization have data for atthe organization level can be optionally used on a project, and may be just goodto have, rather a direct contribution for high maturity journey for the project.As suggested by Ed a next step could be to do a SCAMPI B.Rgds,RSAnunciado hace 27 días |---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. 2. 3-JULIO GONZALEZ SANZ consultor independienteDears Edward and RakeskFirst of all many thanks for yours comments and advise. I´m reading literaturefrom SEI (SEPGs Conf., reports ... ) and from others sources ,CMMI Conf.,Wksps.,My feeling is that the organizations are in the appraiser´s hands and theirparticular and subjective consideration if before of appraisal there is notnegotiated an agreement about the PPBs and PPMs necessaries andsufficients for appraisser.In other case the organizations are losts because of the wide possibilities todefine the quality and process performance objectives providing baselines andmodels to quantitatively manage the organization´s projects and taking intoaccount the large availability of methods to build the PPMs .: not only statisticaland probabilistic models but Discrete Event Simulation, Optimizacion, MonteCarlo Simulation, Markovian models, Neural Networks,....So, appraisals results for N4 should satisfy in different degree to differentappraisers, in function of their personal vision, requirements and bussinessunderstanding .Best regardsJulioAnunciado hace 21 días-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |4-GRIGORI GUSEVBusiness Analyst, Software Process EngineerDear Julio, As an example, my organization (Level 5 appraised) has 10 to 12indicators in the PPB (depending on the project type), most of them aremeasured and analyzed for closed projects/releases only, 2 of them are underon-going monitoring.Anunciado hace 21 días |--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5-JULIO GONZALEZ SANZ consultor independienteVer toda la actividad de JULIO »Many thanks Grigory for your commentDo you can show , as examples, some of the indicators forming part of thePPB ?Best regardsJulio----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Anunciado hace 20 días |6-GRIGORI GUSEVBusiness Analyst, Software Process EngineerJulio, yes. I think the most important and informative indicators are developmentefficiency (Man*Hrs/KSLOC), rework rate (%), defect density (Defects/KSLOC),effort estimate precision (%), Schedule Performance Index (SPI, ongoingmonitoring).Anunciado hace 20 días |--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7-JULIO GONZALEZ SANZ consultor independienteVer toda la actividad de JULIO »Thanks GrigoryThe most difficult, from my view, is to select variables , metrics and indicators,betwween lots of them existing in the organizations,
  3. 3. A correct set of criteria and methods will be necessary in order to buildeffective,correct and useful PPMs .Let me to send you and to Ed and Rakesh A HAPPY 2010JulioAnunciado hace 19 días |---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8-RAVINDRANATH KAUKUNTLAAssociate General Manager, Quality at Hexaware TechnologiesI do agree with Julio. The success of PPM depends on identifying the rightsubprocess for a primary process. I had started a discussion on this aspect, andi find the discussions going beyond this but not one explaining or providing anexample of how to identify a primary process and its subprocessess. It is veryclear that every HMLA has their own opinion on this, but not a standard orapproach. Neither did SEI made it clear how this can be identified. It all is left forthe discretion of HMLA visiting the organization and then telling if the mappingis right or worng. Why not we have soem mechanisma as in manufacturingindustry, that this is the pocess for identifying a primary process and subprocesses that enalble success or failure of he primary processess. I haveattend quite a few of training programs to understnad this but it is in theory butno where is it giviing a clear concept understanding on how this can be arrivedat. I would really appreciate if someone can clearly indicate this.Anunciado hace 8 días |--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9-EDWARD WÉLLERCMMI HIGH Maturity Lead Appraiser and Software Project Management Consultant-No, it is not at the discretion of the LA. You are overlooking the responsibility ofthe organization to understand their business needs, relate them to softwareengineering process, and identify their subprocesses that can be controlled,then used as inputs to PPMs. Perhaps this is the identifying characteristic of aHigh Maturity organization - they understand software engineering well enoughto do this?The SEI does provide a lengthy course on Understanding High Maturity.Anunciado hace 8 días |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10-RAVINDRANATH KAUKUNTLAAssociate General Manager, Quality at Hexaware TechnologiesBut Edward, who will educate the senior manangement on what PPMs arerequired as per the business needs. I am sure there are quite a few of themwho can interpret these and tell the management that these are the PPMsrequired for the business requirement irrespective of the number. Cansomething be done wither by SEI on this on the experienced people like youwho have done lot of HM assessments. I am not asking for a PRESCRIPTIONas given by a doctor but a guideline sort of thing for people who guide theorganizations on required PPMs for improving their business.....Anunciado hace 8 días |.....................------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------11 EDWARD WÉLLER CMMI High Maturity Lead Appraiser and Software Project Management ConsultantRavindranath,If your senior management is trying to educate your process personnel and
  4. 4. development staff on PPMs, it is the wrong approach. You need to find qualifiedstaff (think Six Sigma Black Belts with extensive experience in softwaredevelopment) - and then Senior Management has to tell the org to do what thestaff says to do (even if they do not understand - which is a rather large hurdleto overcome!)And it is not possible to provide this guidance in a discussion group. When Ihave done this in the past it is thru onsite workshops spanning days over aperiod of months.Anunciado hace 8 días |---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12 PRABHAKAR KULKARNIExperienced Quality ProfessionalEd,I think PPMs have been generally misunderstood... Why cant it be checked,whether the person has prior mathematical modeling experience.. that would begood.. I believe.. bcoz i find that any tom, dick and harry develop models,without sound mathematical proof of the same and claim that they have charteda model and gives effective results!!!!!!!!!Regards,PrabhakarAnunciado hace 7 días |--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------13 EDWARD WÉLLER CMMI High Maturity Lead Appraiser and Software Project Management ConsultantPrabhakarIn which case the appraisal team should detect the lack of foundation, find thatOPP has not been satisfied, and rate at no better than Level 3if such an appraisal were audited, the SEI quality audit would discover theproblem.Anunciado hace 7 días |--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------14 BOB STODDARDSr Mbr of Tech Staff at Carnegie Mellon University (SEI) and Computer Software ConsultantJust read this thread and thought I would try to help with handy references:SEI Webinar on tutorial for building PPMsSEI Webinar on developing business goals leading subsequently to the alignedactions for QPM and OPPAnunciado hace 6 días |----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15 PRABHAKAR KULKARNIExperienced Quality ProfessionalThank you Bob for your information....Anunciado hace 6 días |
  5. 5. 16 JULIO GONZALEZ SANZHiI think that the lessons learned about some interpretation´s criteria on PPMs,not consolidated enough for newcomers or potentials implementors of L4, butalso between some of current implementors and , at least, some LA-HM..I say that after to have a few .professional discussions with some of themI had detected essential doubts, divergent positions and disperse approaches attaking decissions time on selection of how many PPMs to build and toimplement in the organization, taking into account that frequently we can toidentify several key sub-processes and identify also controllable factors tied tothem in order to support during PPMs building.From my view, and the others collegues also, should be not necessary to findfor SSBB or otherd specialists on PPMs building, as sugested by Ed.The matter today is not discussing if to build PPMs is more or lessdifficult.Generally , in high-tech companies there are many engineers,mathematicians and others professionals working frecuently developping andimplementing complex, or very complex models based on sophisticated modelsand their associated algorithmsIn the BOK for BBSS Certification the level required for the statisticsand`probability areas is covered in any universitary engineering school programdistributions, regression (linear, no linear ,multivariate,logistic,polynomial ),inference,DOE, RSM,including SPC and sometimesintroductories chapters on reliability.analysis.I think that the main problem for the practitioners is not to know how to buildPPMs, but the uncertainty about the adequate approach and extent on thePPMs´s application.The observed problem is that there is a different perception of relatioshipbetween LA –HM and the organization is different when we are in L2/L3 vsL4/L5 assessments environments .In the first case there is a balanced situationin terms of common understanding and similar criteria about the aceptablecompliance of the goals and practices however this is not the case in HMMay be these situations happen because of LA-HM always propose not to do asufficient advise with aceptables fees but an SCAMPI B or lengtly workshopswith less aceptables prices ....With my respects for all opinions and many thanks for them.Julio-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Anunciado hace 3 días |