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Bird nest _training_t


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Natural Birdnest

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Bird nest _training_t

  1. 1. Type of Swiftlet 燕 子 種 類 Collocalia Fuciphaga Collocalia Maxima Collocalia Esculenta
  2. 2. Cave Nest 洞 燕 House Nest 屋 燕
  3. 3. Cave Nest Harvest 洞 燕 采 集
  4. 4. Differentiate between Cave nest and House Nest 洞 燕 與 屋 燕 的 區 分 Cave Nest 洞 燕 Building Nest at Cave 在山洞筑巢 Self feeding 野生 Living Under nature environment 在自然環境 生長 Effected by outside pollution 受環境污染 引響 House Nest 屋 燕 Building nest at house 在燕屋筑巢 Self feeding 野生 Living under control environment 在保護環境 生長 Under protected environment 不受環境污 染引響
  5. 5. Why the swiftlet change their habitat from cave to house? 燕子搬迁 – 从山洞至燕屋 Threat from Natural Enemy – Owl 躲避天敌- 猫头鹰 Threat from Human – Over harvesting of Nest 人为威胁 - 不合理的采集燕窝 Change of environment – Pollution 环境改变 – 污染 Shortage of food source – Wild fire, development 缺乏食物 – 野火,发展
  6. 6. History of bird house Booming in West malaysia 西马燕窝发展要点 1997 – Indonesia bird nest bleeder venture into west Malaysia on abundant commercial property and convey into bird house. Only remain as bird house and most of cleaning done in Indonesia. 1997 年经济不景气,印尼燕窝商大量搜购产业及发展燕屋。 只发展燕屋而燕窝加工多在印尼。 2009 – About 30,000 to 40,000 bird house in West Malaysia 2009 – 在西马大约有30,000 至 40,000 家燕屋
  7. 7. Main export of bird nest in the world and distribution 燕窝出口国及配比 Indonesia 印尼 • 60 – 70 % Thailand 泰国 • 20 – 25% Malaysia 马来西亚 • 7 % • 200 tones per year – RM 10 billion • 200 吨/ 年 – 10 亿零吉
  8. 8. Amino acids Content in Bird Nest 燕窝中的氨基酸平均含量(%)
  9. 9. False vs Real Nests 假 与 真 燕 窝 的 区 别 False Nest 假燕窝 •Uniform colour • 颜色均匀 •Uniform strands • 燕丝均匀 •Uniform size • 形状一致 •Natural smell • 天然味道 •Gritty sensation on hand after soaking in water • 浸泡后手感粗 Real Nest 真燕窝 •Fishy smell or egg shell smell • 带鱼腥或蛋壳味 •Expanding to 2- 3 times after soaking • 浸泡后发涨 2 – 3 倍
  10. 10. Type of Process Nest 燕 窩 種 類 按规格分为:燕盏、燕条、燕饼、燕碎。 Types of Nest : Whole Nest, Strips ,Biscuit ,Pieces 燕盏 Whole Nest 燕条 Strips 燕饼 Biscuit 燕碎 Pieces
  11. 11. Traditional Cleaning Method 传 统 清 洗 的 步 骤 Soaking in water till expand 浸泡在水中至燕窝 完全胀开 Picking the Feather from big to small 用夹子挑大毛及小 毛 Molding the nest with clip and plastic mold 用木夹及朔料模型 作定型 Baking the nest under special oven 放进特制的烤箱中 烤干
  12. 12. Traditional Cleaning Method 传 统 清 洗 的 步 骤 浸泡 Soaking 修剪 Trimming 挑选 Picking
  13. 13. Traditional Cleaning Method 传 统 清 洗 的 步 骤 定型 Molding 晾干 Drying 燕饼 Finish Biscult
  14. 14. Result of Traditional Method 传 统 清 洗 的 结 果 Time consuming 费时费力 Unable to control the shape 无法掌控燕盏外型 Unable to control Quality 无法控制品质 Unable to maintain natural colour tone 无法控制原有色 泽 Required bigger investment on equipment 高投入 Easily infected 容易被污染
  15. 15. Semi Dry Cleaning Method 半 湿 清 洗 的 步 骤 Brushing 刷 洗 Scratching 刮 净 Sterilization 消 毒 Picking 挑 毛 Molding 定 型 Fan Dry 吹 干
  16. 16. Semi Dry Cleaning 半 湿 状 清 洗 的 优 点 Preserve the shape better 能更好保持形状 Preserve the colour better 能更好保持颜色 Preserve the size better 能更好保持尺寸 Faster cleaning time 缩短清洗时间 Shorter drying time 缩短晾干时间 Odorless 无臭味 Disinfection 无污染
  17. 17. TS’s “123” Shape 燕盏“ 123”形状 1 Base Curve 底座形状 2 Back Side Curve 背部形状 3 >3.5cm 超过3.5公 分宽
  18. 18. Laboratory Analysis 化验标准 S/N Test Parameter 测试项目Permitted level 允许指 数 1 Aerobic Plate Count 有氧平板计数5,0000 per gram 2 Yeasts & Molds 酵母菌霉及霉菌Nil 3 Lead as Pb 铅2 mg/kg 4 Mercury as Hg 水银0.05 mg/kg 5 Arsenic as As 砷 1 mg/kg 6 Cadmium as Cd 镉1mg/kg 7 Tin as Sn 锡40 mg/kg 8 Antimony as Sb 锑1 mg/kg 9 Residual Hydrogen Peroxide 过氧化氢残留量Nil 10 Residual Sulphite as SO3 剩余的亚硫酸盐0.1%
  19. 19. Laboratory Analysis Report  化验结果 S/N 序号 Test Parameter 测试项目 Result 结果 1 Aerobic Plate Count 有氧平板计数10/g 2 Yeasts & Molds 酵母菌霉及霉菌Absent 没有 3 Lead as Pb 铅N.D (<0.01) 没有 4 Mercury as Hg 水银N.D (<0.01) 没有 5 Arsenic as As 砷N.D (<0.01) 没有 6 Cadmium as Cd 镉N.D (<0.01) 没有 7 Tin as Sn 锡N.D (<0.01) 没有 8 Antimony as Sb 锑N.D (<0.01) 没有 9 Residual Hydrogen Peroxide 过 氧化氢残留量 Negative 无 10 Residual Sulphite as SO3 剩余的亚 硫酸盐 0.05%
  20. 20. Value Added – 附加价值 燕 窝 燕 盏
  21. 21. Bird Nest Cleaning Training 燕 窝 清 理 课 程 The Summit Hotel – Subang Jaya 24/10/09 ( Sat ) 9 am to 5 pm
  22. 22. Bird Nest Cleaning Training 燕 窝 清 理 课 程