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TBU - Caliberi: Blog to Brand


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From Blog to Brand: Caliberi workshop presentation from TBU Rotterdam 2013 presented by Ross Burns

Published in: Technology, News & Politics

TBU - Caliberi: Blog to Brand

  1. 1. From Blog to BrandRoss BurnsContent Manager
  2. 2. O wad some Power the giftie gie usTo see oursels as ithers see us!
  3. 3. “O would some Power the gift to give usTo see ourselves as others see us!It would from many a blunder free us,And foolish notion.”
  4. 4. Why is this so importantand what does it have to dowith travel blogging?
  5. 5. Every minute:• 347 New WordPress blog posts are published• 3,125 Flickr images are uploaded• 48 hours’ worth of YouTube footage is uploaded
  6. 6. By the end of our hour together:20,000+new WordPress blog posts will have been published.And that is just WordPress.
  7. 7. The good news is You already have your brand You already have your nicheYou just need to emphasiseit at every opportunity sothat you stand out.
  8. 8. AuthoritativeInformativeFreshEngaging (and engaged)A successful blog is
  9. 9. Google+ is becoming importantand is your friendAuthoritative• Use rel=“author” tags• Fill out your profile in full• Use a profile image consistent with your othersocial channels that will show up on SERPs
  10. 10. Facebook Graph Searchis coming soonAuthoritative
  11. 11. Authoritative• Complete your Facebookprofile with as muchinformation as possibleThe more you have in there, themore people will come across you
  12. 12. Make your brand voice consistentAuthoritative• Tone of voice• Spelling• Pay particularattention ifaccepting guestposts
  13. 13. AuthoritativeInformativeFreshEngaging (and engaged)A successful blog is
  14. 14. Solve people’s problemsInformative• Know whatpeople aresearching yoursite for• Use your blog tohelp answerthese commonqueries and asinspiration forposts
  15. 15. Curate yourknowledge toprovide guidanceInformative• If you’ve already donesomething, compile theresources• “How to” posts are incrediblypopular• Become an authority not just aninspiration
  16. 16. If you help people, they will comeback, boosting your figuresInformativeUseful posts will be• Bookmarked• Re-visited• Shared
  17. 17. AuthoritativeInformativeFreshEngaging (and engaged)A successful blog is
  18. 18. FreshUse an editorial calendar
  19. 19. FreshStick to deadlines• Deadlines keepyou disciplined• Offlinepublishinggoverned bydeadlines –onlinepublishingshould be nodifferent
  20. 20. FreshAutomate on social channels• Buffer• Hootsuite
  21. 21. FreshRecycle/reuse/repackage• You alreadyhave a wealth ofinformation andresources(photos, etc)• Don’t be afraidto reuse this in adifferent formatas an easy wayof keeping yourblog fresh
  22. 22. FreshAdopt the 80/20 ruleDoing what youalways doTryingsomething new
  23. 23. Fresh• Before and After image sliders require little code and lendthemselves to travel photography
  24. 24. Fresh• Interactive timelines offer a more interesting way of showingdetails of a trip or a location – can also be used to repackageexisting content
  25. 25. Fresh• Polls can be an interesting way of engaging your readers and theresults offer material you can build on and publicise
  26. 26. Fresh• Building a Google map is quick, straightforward and a good resource
  27. 27. Fresh• Video is easier than ever to shoot and upload• YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet
  28. 28. AuthoritativeInformativeFreshEngaging (and engaged)A successful blog is
  29. 29. Engaging (and engaged)Be socially active (offline & online)
  30. 30. Engaging (and engaged)Know what’s going on in your sphere
  31. 31. Engaging (and engaged)Know what people are looking for• Google AdWords is quite addictive and strangely fun to play with
  32. 32. AuthoritativeInformativeFreshEngagingA successful blog is
  33. 33. How many hours ofYouTube video isuploadedevery minute?Have you been listening?Yes, 48. Have a stag!
  34. 34. Introduction• To A Louse (read by RobertCaryle)• That scary infographicAuthoritative• How to use Google+author tags• Facebook Graph SearchEngaged (and engaging)• Trendsmap• Google AdWordsFresh• Buffer• Hootsuite• Simple image slider• Interactive timelines• Polling plugin• Google Maps• Vine (iOS app)• Tout (iOS & Android app)• YouTube (you probably knowwhere this one is!)Essential• The Caliber BlogThose resourcesLet me know how you get on: / @caliberi