How to ideate like a boss - Emma Dunn

Jan. 29, 2015

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How to ideate like a boss - Emma Dunn

  1. How to ideate like a boss Presented by Emma Dunn Content strategist November2014 @snoopybing
  2. 2 We are all awesome
  3. 3 Why couldn’t I have thought of that?
  4. We need ideas
  5. 5 But I’m all out of juice “ “
  6. What is creativity?
  7. The ability to produce lots of ideasFluency
  8. 8 Flexibility The ability to produce a variety of ideas to the same problem “ “
  9. 9 Originality: the ability to produce new ideas
  10. 10 Originality: the ability to produce new ideas
  11. Elaboration The ability to iron out the details and make your idea a reality
  12. 12 Gee whizz, this is all great. But how can I make my brain do all these things?
  13. 13 The science bit
  14. Left VS Right Is this all a myth? “ “
  15. 15 Does brainstorming actually work?
  16. Which is better?
  17. 17 Talking of desks
  18. Stop Creativity time !
  19. 19 Creative routines
  20. Put pen to paper
  21. Then bring back to the group to make AWESOMENESS
  22. 23 Key takeaways Left brained / right brained is a myth: everyone is capable of creative thinking Brainstorming can be ineffective, thinking of ideas individually tends to work best A creative desk can be messy, but keep it tidy for bringing a project home Consider a desk plant just try not to kill it Work with your circadian rhythm to figure out when you are your most creative Get out more Writing with pen and paper > typing Use group power to fine tune your ideas
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Editor's Notes

  1. Dove evolution
  2. Dove evolution
  3. Creativity = “Divergent thinking” (Joy Paul Guilford)
  4. Elaboration - The ability to iron out the details and make a reality
  5. Image by Mercedes Benz Is the right brain vs. left brain a myth? Yes! So what does have an effect…?
  6. Individuals vs. groups It is good to think of ideas by yourself – individual for breadth, group for depth.
  7. A new study published in Psychological Science (August 2013) suggests that a messy desk is good thing to have at the beginning of a project – encourages createive thinking However, a tidy desk is better for elaborating a project and bringing it home to completion in an organised way
  8. Richard Wiseman: embrace nature by putting a potted plant on your desk. (Check 59 seconds) Ruth Ann Atchly, professor at University of Kansas said that a team of backpackers were 50% more creative after spending time on the trail
  9. Best time of day to create Lifehacker says that the creative mind gets up early: Cindi May says that your ‘non-peak’ time is the best time for creating
  10. Info we trust …actually, whatever rocks your socks.
  11. Professor Lorenza Colzato of Leiden University discovered that people who exercised regulary (more than 4x a week) were better at divergent and convergent thinking. For those who aren’t gym bunnies, this could just mean taking a brisk walk at lunch or incorporating exercise into your commute (e.g. cycling to work)
  12. Getting things done – writing things down allows to you come up with more ideas Writing, not typing, boosts memory Some fun writing games – pick a word, any word Dump everything you know about the company onto one sheet and make weird connections