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Content Marketing And Narrative


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Content Marketing And Narrative

  1. 1. Content Marketing and Narrative
  2. 2. We’re here to talk aboutnarrative and content marketing Creating great narratives Amazing campaigns Using content marketing to drive conversations
  3. 3. Wait, what is narrative?• A fancy word for a story• But more than that: it’s about creating structure and a sequence of events that is logical, engaging and rewarding
  4. 4. Why is narrative important?• It ties disparate events into a logical order• Narratives are comfortable
  5. 5. What makes a great narrative? Brand’s Customer’s story story
  6. 6. Why is this a great narrative? Brand: it tells a powerful story about the product Audience: it’s a truly American tale Personal element: it’s about families and people connecting over time
  7. 7. Narrative + content marketing• Content marketing creates a space for narrative-driven conversations between customers and brands.• Remember this: Brand’s Customer’s story story
  8. 8. Telling your story together Set a narrative Populate content Encourage customers to share
  9. 9. Art of the Trench
  10. 10. The Scary Part You got trolled!
  11. 11. The Really Scary PartWhat if nobody comes to the party?
  12. 12. Let’s get back to Chevy They told us a great story…. ….but they didn’t let you tell yoursWith content marketing you can do both
  13. 13. Questions?